Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Get the Best Learning Experience from the Latest Gameiva Kids Games

Get the best learning experience from the latest gameiva kids games

Here, GameIva bring the latest collection of kids games which features educational and fun activities in the most pleasant way. Play these amazing learning games from Gameiva and get your kids the best learning experience while growing up. The brief description about these top games form GameIva is shown below.

1) Workout for Girls:

Workout for Girls

Emma has an over-eating habit and as a result, she has put on weight and now she wants to get slim as soon as possible. Play this unique workout game, help and encourage Emma to get fit again by performing different exercises. Start this game by performing basic level exercises like chest, stretching, biceps, squash, leg stretching, crunches and much more for one month. The second month is going to be difficult and Emma needs to work hard so for that you need to motivate her to push her limits.

2) Princess DollSecrete Diary:

Princess Doll Secrete Diary

We all have that one diary which we made in our childhood and have all our secrets. Play this wonderful game Princess Doll Secret Diary and relive your old time memories. This game starts with the decoration of diary where you will get to design the diary and make it more creative by giving a name, putting a sticker, selecting a nice color and much more. And then get into the perfect match test where you need to upload photos and see how strong your love is! We all have some happy and emotional moments in our life so do write your feelings in the diary.

3) Kid's back to school:

Kid's back to school

Play this amazing toddler game 'Kid's back to school' where you will get to perform various activities before going to school. First of all, select your favourite character and start the game. After selecting the character you need to help him wake up as soon as the alarm rings. Then perform some early morning activities like brushing teeth, giving the bath and many more things. After then help him to wear the school dress, don't forget to put all the things into the bag and take healthy breakfast. After having breakfast don't be late to catch the school bus and go to the classroom.

4) Ava's Bedtime:

Ava's Bedtime

Today, baby Ava is alone at the home and she needs your help to do various activities. Will you help little girl? If yes, Start this amazing game by brushing Ava's teeth and then give her a clean bath. Oh, Baby Ava is feeling hungry so you need to feed her some delicious food items. After that, please help Ava to clean her room and don't forget to give her good night kisses. Baby Ava is not able to sleep in the night so help her to count the stars in the night and also spot a constellation with baby Ava.

5) My PrincessWedding:

My Princess Wedding

Oh! The important day has arrived, it's their wedding day and they have got so much work to do and you need to help them to look the best at their wedding. So, let's begin the process and remove pimples, apply face wash & glow bride's face by performing Spa. Then apply beautiful makeup like eyeliner, eyelashes, earrings, lipstick and much more on her face. Help bride to become the angel by choosing accessories like flower, dress, neck less, hairstyle and a pair of shoes and much more.

6) My Little KittyDaycare:

My little kitty Daycare

Do you like to help the little animal? Play this amazing My Little Kitty Day Care game and help little kitty with many things like curing illness, feeding food, helping her to fall asleep and much more. There is no one at home and our little kitty has fallen sick. For treatment firstly, you need to check her temperature with the help of a thermometer, remove the cavities from her teeth and make them clean. Little kitty's bones are also broken and they need medical attention so, try to fix the bones. Oh!! Little kitty is feeling weak too, and she needs food, prepare delicious food and feed the kitty. After the dinner is done kitty needs your help to sleep so please help her to sleep properly.

Still, you have any doubt or query please contact us by sending a mail or just drop us a comment with no hesitation! We will be happy to solve your doubts and difficulties. Do share this with your family and friends.

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Monday, 6 March 2017

Enjoy Top Five Learning Super Market Games from GameIva

 Top 5 supermarket games from Gameiva

Here, GameIva bring these top five learning games for kids to give them the real experience about what is the process and regulation of supermarket. We often go to various supermarkets and shopping malls for shopping with our kids. Sometimes it gets difficult for us to make kids understand some basic rules and regulation about the billing system of all those malls. Below the description about all those games is shown, so read the description and play the game you want.

1) Kids supermarket shopping game:

Kids Supermaket shopping gameWe all go to the shopping supermarket to buy various different necessary things needed in our day to day life. But have you ever imagined about the different kind of works and activities done in a supermarket? If yes then Gameiva brings you a perfect supermarket fun game for all the kids to learn all the different activities in the supermarket done by all the workers. Do many tasks like removing all the unwanted vegetables and fruits in the grocery department and exchange it with new and fresh ones. Help the customers purchase their items as given in the list and guide them to their wanted items.

2) Baby Puppy Supermarket manager:

Baby Puppy Supermarket manager
Welcome to the puppy supermarket where you will get to buy almost everything what you have been imagining. This supermarket is having many options in it from which you can select your favourite things. First of all take the basket and choose healthy vegetables. In the second view put various items at their correct places where they actually belong. In the third view serve your hungry customers delicious food items and make them happy. After that, you will be performing some cleaning tasks where you need to wash the floor.

3) John At Supermarket:

John At Supermarket
John wants to buy some products from the supermarket, but he has never been there. So for that reason, he needs your help, will you help him to buy products? If yes, then please follow the instructions we give. First of all, take a shopping cart and then go all the way to the product area, put the products like fruit, sandwich, water and all the other that are in the list.

4) Sweet Puppy Super Market:

Hello friends, are you looking for educational and best supermarket game for your kids? Sweet Puppy Supermarket is the perfect shopping game for the toddlers who love to learn new things. Our little puppy and his mom are waiting for your help. Visit the store to buy groceries with them and get ready for fun. Select the trolley or basket and check your shopping list and click on the items that you want and drag them to the basket. Play and enjoy this amazing supermarket game with a puppy and share your best friends.

5) My Little Santa’s Supermarket:

My Little Santa's Supermarket
Hello Friends, Do you have what it takes to run a supermarket? Now, you play as a Supermarket Manager in My Little Santa's Supermarket game. Before you open your supermarket you have to clean it properly and remove all the rotten things and replacing those items with the fresh ones. Here in this game we added tons of fun-filled activities that you enjoy with Santa like put the things proper places. Here is the perfect place for someone who is looking for this kind of experience. Play and enjoy this Christmas Supermarket game and share it with your friends.

So above was all for the top 5 games from GameIva. After reading this if you’re still having any kind of doubt or query regarding the same then please drop a comment in the comment box or just drop us a mail.

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