Sunday, 31 January 2016

Top 3 Latest Animated Spot the Difference Game for Kids

Do you love to play "Spot the difference" game that you find in many story books for kids. Everyone loves it because it is simple, fun and entertaining to play with. Gameiva brings you some amazing game for kids with animated spot the difference activities in it. Enjoy the latest spot the difference game at various different places featuring lot of different characters like animals, birds, sea animals and much more.

game for kids

The below given are some of the best finding the difference game for kids with totally new variety of activities in it.

1) Zoo Animal Spot the Difference

animal game for kids

The kids had visited the zoo and they saw lot of different small and big animals over there. They kids had also taken lot of pictures of the animals at the zoo. Now they are comparing the images that they took of the same animal and finding out the differences in them. Help the kids to find all the differences of the image of the same animal. Find all the differences in the minimum time possible and use amazing power ups to help you with the search but be sure to use those amazing powers wisely. And in case you find difficulty in a particular you can also skip it in a second and play it later.

2) Spot the Differences Ocean

Let's swim deep into the oceans and take lot of pictures of different sea animals and fishes. Collect all the different pictures together and compare all the differences in them in this amazing Spot the difference game for kid. Start from the first level and watch all the different types of fishes swimming together. You have to find the differences amongst these animated swimming fishes. Be fast because you have very less time and the oxygen tank will get over soon under the water.

Enjoy lot of different power ups which will make you feel like a superhero in the game.

    finding the difference game

  • Use the magic wand to find a particular difference in the game by magic.
  • Use the Magnet to attract one of the differences in them.
  • Reveal one using the tube light.
  • You can zap the time using the Zapper and stop time for a moment.
  • Use the timer to increase the content of oxygen and time you have.

3) Spot the Differences Animal

Let's enjoy an amazing ride through the beautiful forest and play some amazing spot the difference game with lot of animated effects in all the views. Look carefully at the 2 different images of the same place and animal and find out all the minor hidden differences in it. Test your eyes and concentration skill in this game and find maximum differences before the time gets over. In case you find it difficult to solve a particular level don't worry because you have so many superpowers with you in all the levels. Choose more time if the time is about to get over, or ask the helper to reveal one difference for you, use the magnet to find out one and much more power ups in each level.

Activities in the game:

    game for kids
  • An animated Spot the difference game with lot of levels at the circus tent.
  • Find out all the differences within the given time and move on to the next level.
  • Use all the different power ups in each level in case of trouble with any.
  • Also skip the level if you are finding it too hard and time consuming.
  • But always be sure that you don't accidentally touch any wrong item as it will reduce the time you have.

We at Gameiva bring you the most loved creations for variety of categories for games and apps which the kids hugely love. We entirely concentrate on building user friendly games and apps totally related to fun and learning activities for a better educational familiarity and enjoyment for kids. Mail or contact the team behind these games anytime at

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Enjoy this Summer with these Simple Innovative Activities for Kids

A vacation at the time of summer is necessary for the students to remove all the stress and burden from their head. The students first need to understand that the learning and educational activities can be as enjoyable as playing and other entertaining activities. Having fun while learning can help the kids with an effective knowledge which can increase their love for studying throughout their life. We have made a list of fun activities which will cover all the things that a preschooler needs to learn at their age like reading activities, art, craft learning and much more. Sharpen your existing skills with these educational activities.

indoor activities for kids
1) Prepare some beautiful Calendars
  • Collect all your drawing apparatus like pencils, drawing papers, a ruler to decorate and to create your own calendar.
  • Fill special colors into all the special days in your calendar.

2) Create a Cartoon flip book

  • Stick together lot of pieces of paper or take a book and make a cartoon flip book in it.
  • Draw a sequence of cartoon in it in all the pages and watch them in a live action by simulating them in motion by flipping through the pages.
  • Take the sequence of drawing at the bottom of the stack of page as it will be easier to flip through it.
3) Do Research on different events activities
  • Search for all the activities that you can do in your area and make a plan to execute it.
  • It can include many things like having a pajama party at your home with friends, cake making, and much more. But be sure to decide an affordable cost before you start.
  • Click all the images of the activities you do create a special collage or a scrapbook with all of them.
4) Enjoy Catching Butterflies and Fireflies

  • Take a small basket and go to the place where you will find lot of fireflies and butterflies.
  • Collect lot of them in a jar carefully and be sure that you don’t hurt them.
  • Collect huge number of them together at an empty place and release them from it into the nature and watch the beautiful sight of them flying together.
5) Play math game with kids
  • Get all the kids to play some math game and record all of their scores and compare. This will motivate the kids to try to perform better in the next round and also have fun with the game.
  • Do different math activities and create a graph of the performance and watch the improvement in them with each level.
  • Celebrate the effort made by the kids with a special treat at the end.
6) Learn to cook
  • Parents must participate in helping the kids to learn to cook with the step by step procedure on adding the recipes.
  • You can also take the reference from various cooking sites and by watching videos where you can get all the information like proper measurement of the ingredients to be added, safety tips, suggestions and much more.
  • Learning to cook is a very innovative and beneficial for kids.

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Learn Math and Science with Fun in these Educational Games for Toddlers

Do you find it boring while learning math and science?? Well it’s no longer going to be boring while learning maths and science as Gameiva brings you some special games which will teach you all the topics of maths and science while playing some fun games and activities. Enjoy while learning through these fun educational games for kids featuring lot of different entertaining activities.

math game for kids
Below given are few of the educational toddler games featuring tons of different fun math and science activities.

1) Math Activities for Toddlers

The math activity for toddlers is a collection of so many different activities and games for math which will very much help all the kids to learn lot of totally new operations in the math. Kids won't need to refer to the boring textbooks which have very difficult language for math. Learn many different operations like subtractions, additions, division, mixed operations, fractions, etc. Play different fun games to check your memory and mathematical skills and check your score every time.

educational game for kids
Mathematical Activities in the Game:
  • Complete all the different mathematical operations and make sure you score maximum points.
  • Do different operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, mixed operations and much more.
  • Play different fun games and memory games which will all benefit you very much.
  • Learn math with lot of fun in this educational game for kids.

2) Math Puzzles for Toddlers

Experience the best way to learn math in this fun educational math game for kids and toddlers. Start the game and choose any of the different operation that you want to learn first. Start from the first chapter and learn all the basics of each and every operation. Earn maximum points in the given time and move on to the next chapter. You will easily be a professional in using those operations by the time you reach the final chapter. Play the game again and again to improve your mathematical skills.

game for kids
Educational Activities in the Game:
  • Lot of different operations like Addition, Subtractions, different equations, statistics and much much more.
  • Start from the chapter and complete each chapter from the beginning.
  • Learn from the basics of each operation and improve your skills with each chapter.
  • Complete each chapter within the time limit.

3) Christmas Science Experiments

Christmas holiday season is all about spending time with your kids. So, why not try some fun experiment in this time? Gameiva brings you a complete set of science experiments with a lot of different and innovative scientific activities like convert a steel coin into a copper coin and much more that kids can perform at home. These experiments are all fun and easy that your kids can follow easily. This game is helpful for all the kids allowing them to learn science concepts in a fun way.

science game for kids

Science Activities in the Game:
  • Lots of different science experiments
  • Lots of different types of equipment used for experiments
  • Each experiment is easy to understand and perform
  • Perform different experiment with guidance
  • You can easily do any of these experiments at home

4) Christmas Science Activity

Its winter time and there are lot of special experiments that you can perform at the time of Christmas. Gameiva brings you a perfect game that can help you with lot of educational science activities that you can easily learn and perform them by yourself at your home. Practice these activities by yourself once in the game with perfect guidance and using all the different apparatus and tools that you can easily afford by yourself at your home. Complete the activities by yourself and learn the conclusion of the experiment at the end.

science activities for kids

Activities in the Game:
  • So many different Christmas special experiments.
  • Do the experiments as per the guidance given in the Game.
  • All the Experiments are very easy to understand and perform.
  • Share all these experiments with your friends and share your knowledge with them.

These latest fun learning games for kids can help them learn the basic educational stuffs in life with lots of fun and learning activities. Download from play store, Play and Share all these amazing science and math learning games for kids with all your friends. Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva. Share all these fun activity games with your friends and enjoy your time with them.

We at Gameiva bring you the most loved creations for variety of categories for games and apps which the kids hugely love. We entirely concentrate on building user friendly games and apps totally related to fun and learning activities for a better educational familiarity and enjoyment for kids. Mail or contact the team behind these games anytime at

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Enjoy the Latest Alphabet and Number Games for Toddlers

Gameiva brings a set of totally new amazing educational activity games for toddlers featuring lot of new activities to learn new things in life. Control all the different animated characters in the game and learn all the things from them and enjoy playing lot of different mini games in it. Learn different words and names of different things that we see in our day to day life and also learn to make perfect sentences by using all those words by yourselves.

toddler games

The below given are few of the latest educational activity games by Gameiva for all toddlers and preschoolers.

1) Toddler Learning ABC Letter

educational games 

Do you know the names of different parts of a car or the names of different parts of a body? Learn lot of words and names of objects that we see in our day to day lives at different places. Put the scrambled words at its correct place or the object. If you find it difficult to recognize the object or place of the object then you will easily get a hint for it in the game. After the word and letter game enjoy playing a super puzzle game for lot of different images also.

2) Kids Learning ABC Flash Cards

kids learning abc

Learn totally new collection of words for all the alphabets from A-Z. The animated funny characters for each object, animals and birds for each alphabet will help you to understand the words easier. Improve your vocabulary from these educational alphabet games and learn all the alphabets and lot of words at the same time. After learning all the words start you Rhyme learning activity and sing along all the educational rhymes like the alphabet rhymes and much more.

3) Toddlers Phonics ABC Letters

Learn the all alphabets from the funny animated characters who are here to help you to learn them with ease. Learn lot of totally new words for the alphabets. The animated characters for each alphabet will help the toddlers and kids to grasp them easily. After that start your number learning activity. The same way each number will have lot of different animated characters in it. Then start the Shape learning game and learn the different kinds of shapes that we see in our day to day life in different objects. Finally enjoy playing and learning some musical instruments.

alphabet games

Activities in the Game:

  • Learn all the alphabets in the easiest way and also the most entertaining way.
  • The number learning session will help you remember and grasp all the numbers with ease.
  • Learn the names of all the different shapes that we see in our day to day lives.

number games

Enjoy lot of different games with lot of different number learning and educational for kids in this amazing toddler learning number game for kids. Start the activity with a game where you have to recognize the given number from a list of different numbers and the same activity for the alphabets as well. Enjoy building all the jigsaw puzzles of different numbers and you will also get some help and assistant from your friends in this game. Complete all the levels of the word game and learn lot of new words in this educational toddler game.
5) Counting 123 for Kids

Let’s learn all the alphabets and numbers in this totally new and special game for toddlers and kids. Start the game with lot of different variety of unique educational learning activities for kids. Learn all the alphabets in the alphabet game and also learn many different words for each alphabet. Play the number games to learn all the numbers and its value. Enjoy different house activities and games in it for some extra fun. The funny jungle characters will add to the fun in the game and will help you to learn all the activities easily.

counting game for kids
Educational Activities in the Game:
  • Enjoy 3 mini games in addition to all the different educational games.
  • Also learn different musical instruments like a piano, drum and a xylophone.
  • The funny characters i the game will add to the entertainment for the kids.
  • Share this amazing educational game for kids and have fun learning the alphabets and numbers.

Gameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to building user friendly games and apps related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for children. Stay with us for the latest updates of Gameiva on Google play and get more excellent apps.

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