Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Number of Science Experiments for Kids to Keep Them Active

science experiments for kids

The discoveries and inventions in science are moving at a huge pace. Lots of new science activities are being discovered every day and because of that it is necessary that we too move along with the knowledge of the new and latest discoveries. For an example have you ever wondered why a candle burns for a longer time when it is kept inside a bigger glass in comparison to a smaller glass? Or ever imagined that you can light a bulb with the help of two candles?

Both of these might not seem possible but it is easier than you think to perform these science experiments. Gameiva brings the latest science experiment educational game for kids “The Fun Kids Experiment” which is a collection of the best and latest science experiments for kids that you can easily perform for your school project activities or even at your home with lot of fun.


  • Perform a number of different experiments on various objects.
  • You will be guided with steps to perform all the experiments.
  • All these are easy to understand and perform anywhere.
  • Easily available apparatus are used for all the experiments.
  • A lot of high quality animations, images and design together make all these experiments very interesting and fun to perform.
  • The conclusions at the end of all the experiments will help you understand the aim of the experiment.
  • And finally share your experiments and knowledge with friends.

Game-play Video: 



best science experiments for kids

You can  Download all these games from play store and Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva.

sciecne experiments
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