Friday, 8 May 2015

Get Pet's Birthday Party Ideas from Kitty Birth day Party Game

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Mostly kids love their pets very much, have you ever celebrated your pet’s birthday? If no then do it now. It’s your duty to plan, decorate to celebrate their birthday party. Now let's take the charge of planning for a special surprise party for your little pet. Blow up colorful balloons to decorate the party. Bake a delicious birthday cake, decorate a room, take care of your pet, dress it and organize a celebration. This is the coolest way for kids to learn & plan a birthday party.

Gameiva brought  a game Kitty Birthday Party where you have to organize a little cute  kitties birth day party. Kids will learn how to organize their pet’s birthday celebration after playing this game.





pet's birth day party

kitty birthday party


 Features of the game

  • Craft beautiful invitation card with paw-painting
  • Wrap the return gift for all guests
  • Bake a yummy cake for your kitty while learning about different kitchen tools
  • Dress the kitty from bunch of awesome birthday hats, tiaras, halos and more!
  • Don't forget to entertain your guests with different fun activities
  • Open cool presents and make your birthday extra special.
  • Enjoy with kitty on her birthday. 

See the video:

So what are you thinking about this game? Feel free to give your suggestion/feedback to we would appreciate for that. 

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