Thursday, 14 May 2015

Learn Science Experiment With Fun From This Educational Kid’s Game

science game for kids

Have you ever tried to make an electric car out of simple material at home or. Sounds very hard but it is pretty simple and you can do it without any extra expense on purchasing apparatus for it because you will find all the required parts at home itself easily. You can make a plenty of different amazing mechanisms with the help of simple apparatus and to help you in that Gameiva presents you with "Science For Kids" which brings along with it a perfect and awesome collection of innovative scientific creations for kids.

android games for kids

In this experimental and educational game which is especially for kids will help them in a creative learning and also to know the science of different simple things. The kids can increase their depth of scientific knowledge in an easy way with this science game which is easy to play and understand.


  • Lots of different and unique experiments.
  • The experiments are easy to perform, understand and friendly for kids.
  • The animated cartoons and images will keep the interest of the children.
  • You will be guided on each step of the experiments.
  • All the experiments will be ended with conclusion for a better understanding of the experiment.

Screenshot :
kids science game

Watch The Demo Video:


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    science experiments

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