Saturday, 6 June 2015

Baby Caring And Dress Up Games For Kids With Lot of Enjoyable Activities

Little children usually have nothing to do while they are around in the home. But in actual they can help and learn lot many things to do even they are at home. Gameiva brings some amazing games for kids which will help the kids learn to do many things and complete many different tasks. These games for kids will get the kids active and busy with it.

game for kids

Let’s have a look at the games by Gameiva as shown bellows which will help the kids with many different entertaining and fun activities.

Baby Emily

Do all activities like feeding her, changing the clothes, playing with the toys and much more.

    baby game for kids

  • Feed the baby with milk and bath her carefully.
  • Play with the baby to make her happy.
  • Select the cute dresses and the matching accessories for the baby.
  • Give all the proper treatments to the baby with many different equipment.
  • Make the baby happy and collect the golden star.

Mommy's Little Helper

Let’s complete the different tasks like cleaning the room, decorate the baby’s room, cleaning all the clothes and much more. Enjoy doing all the different fun task with this game.

    android kids game

  • Clean the baby’s room with all the different cleaning tools.
  • Decorate and design all the rooms with many decoration items.
  • Clean the clothes and iron it.
  • Choose from the variety of different dresses for the mom.

Baby Emily Get Organized

There are lots of different activities which are included in this game like making the pair of shoes and putting it in the correct place, picking up all the scattered things and put it in its right place. There are lots of activities in this free fun and entertaining game

    baby games

  • Learn to organize your room with many different activities.
  • Collect all the book and out it in its shelf.
  • Arrange all the DVD one by one to its place.
  • Clean the window, messy floor, and complete many other activities.
  • This game will help the kids learn and arrange their room properly with all these activities.

Dad's Little Helper

This fun filled game will help small children understand and learn small things in life that they will be going to do in their near future.

    kids android games

  • This game consists of many different levels and task to play with.
  • Even paint and add the stickers into the wall of your game.
  • Score points to unlock all the new levels.
  • Learn many new and different things with this game for kids
  • This game will help small children understand and learn new small things in life.

Get more of different variety of fun games for kids by Gameiva where the learning will meet lot of fun. All the game made are made especially for kids with the same imagination and requirement that a kids would want from a particular game that they intend to play. All the games are specially focused on education and mental development and all of them are free to download.

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