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Best Farming Games for Kids to Learn and Enjoy Different Activities

It is fun having your own beautiful farm and work there taking care of all the different cute animals that you have.  Gameiva has an awesome collection of the best farm games that you can play which will make you feel as if you are working in your own beautiful farm. These games provide educational benefits to the kids which will help them understand the basic activities in a farm and also know a lot about different animals in the farm.

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Let’s have a look at all the different educational farm games that Gameiva has brought for you.

1) The Little Farmer Kids Game

Learn to repair your tractor, free the fishes from the net, wash all your dirty animals etc. So let's get started with this amazing farm game and learn a lot from it.

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  • Wash and clean all the different animals in your farm.
  • Free all the fishes from the fish nets and make paper boats and play with it in the lake.
  • Repair the broken tractor and fill air into its tyre with the machine.
  •  A lot of other different entertaining and learning tasks related to farming activities.

    2) Sid's Animal Farm

    This game teaches a cause and gives an effective knowledge through various images, tasks etc. which will help to stimulate a child’s imagination.
games for kidsFeatures:
  • The game features 5 different tasks which are related to farm works.
  • All the tasks will have lots of different variety of animals and birds.
  • Help the animals clear the injury, bath tem and also play games with them.
  • This is a fun filling game for kids helping them to learn many things along with having fun.

3) Little Farm

Now kids can manage their own beautiful farms and grow their own fruits and take care of the animals. Now kids can pack up and settle down here, they will totally become a real master of this rich farm land.

farm game for kids
  • Numerous fantastic and fun tasks
  • Complete all the different tasks in the farm as the owner of the farm
  • Various tasks like milking the cow, collecting the eggs, plucking the mango etc.
  • Unlimited growing and harvesting of fruits and vegetables.
 4) Cloudy Camping Day For Kids

The rainy cloud is ready to start its rain for all the needy people, plants, fishes and many other creatures and plants. Play this cloudy camping day for kids by Gameiva and experience being a cloud.

camping game for kids  Features:

  • Experience being a powerful cloud and provide rain to everyone.
  • Help the people and creatures who need rain immediately.
  • Help the plants and bushes to grow up, nourish and become a beautiful plant.
  • Help the squirrel to clean his home form lot of dirt and dust.

5) Fox Little Helper

Let's help the fox with his task like pelting stones at the fruit tree and collecting all the fruits that fall down, matching the alphabets with the different fishes in the aquarium, and many different tasks in his garden.
educational game for kids

  • Aim and pelt stones at the fruit tree and collect all the fruits.
  • Match the alphabets with the different water animals and fishes.
  • A lot of different fun activities which will entertain the kids.
  • A new type of educational game with lot of learning activities.

Gameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids. We have never stopped from bringing new educational and science games for kids with lot of entertainment and learning.

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These games will help kids a lot with learning and educational benefits are they are made keeping fun and entertainment for them in our mind. These games are the new way to help the kids learn a lot many basic things in life.

How Science Games Can be Helpful for Children with their Education
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All these games are free and beneficial for all the kids allowing them to learn a lot of new scientific concepts.  Stay with us for the latest updates of Gameiva on Google play and get more of educational games. Also visit our YouTube channel.

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