Monday, 13 July 2015

The Latest Adventure and Activity Game for Kids by Gameiva

Join the latest adventure and activities games for kids by Gameiva. A collection of totally new variety of kids games were added recently to the channel with lot of new educational stuff and learning activities.

The list of the latest amazing games are as shown in the list given below.

1) My Little Toothbrush Kids Game

Help the kids to brush their teeth, clean all the germs, remove the food stuck in between their teeth with a toothpick and so many responsible fun tasks which will help you learn all the basic things in life that we do in the morning.


  • So many different kids to be taken care of with lot of different activities.
  • Learn many different important things to keep our mouth clean from germs.
  • Learn to make toothpaste on your own with the best materials added into it.
  • Do lot of different activities and enjoy being a care taker of so many cute kids.

2) Kids Learning Planets

Let’s start this adventure of planets and the stars that we see shining beautifully in the sky at the night. Complete all the different activities at the space and become a self-made astronaut.


  • Drive through different planets with various different powerful space vehicles.
  • Help the astronaut in building the space shuttle.
  • Drive the train to move various items on it to different locations.
  • Help the fellow astronaut with their different tasks.

Shoot the incoming asteroids into your spaceship and continue the journey to many different games and space tasks which you have to complete to have a successful mission.


  • Join the fuel tank with the spaceship and do the countdown for the takeoff.
  • Dodge all the asteroids on the way and shoot the incoming asteroids to your spaceship.
  • Examine and cure the planets damaged by the asteroid attack with your first aid kit.
  • Do space farming, space cooking and then repair and re fuel the rocket.

With the help of this game you will be able to draw any animals very beautifully and completely without any help. Save the drawing or the painting that you have drawn to the gallery to share it with your friends and show them your drawing skills.


  • This game has many kinds of animal cartoons which you can use to draw beautiful paintings.
  • Also draw animals on a plain slate with the help of the guidance.
  • A number of steps to follow while drawing which will help you learn slowly concentrating on it.
  • Many different colors and painting tools add to the fun and enjoyment of the game.

Complete all the levels as per instructions and learn a lot of chemical experiments without cramming it from books.


  • Complete each level to unlock the next level of science experiment.
  • Many different scientific apparatus which will be shown with a list in the beginning of the game.
  • The aim will be shown before the beginning of the game so that you can understand what the experiment is about.
  • The conclusions at the end of each game will help you understand the motive of the experiment.

Gameiva is entirely devoted into building user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameIva on Google play and get more of educational games. Also visit our YouTube channel.

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