Monday, 24 August 2015

Gaming Research: Why Kids are the Main Market for Mobile Gaming

There has been a huge increment of about 57% in the gaming industry from 2012 to 2014 which shows that a lot of people are playing are into the mobile gaming than any other gaming devices like PC or other Consoles which was according to a research by the NPD group. And amongst that the majority of the contribution is done by the child gamers.

kids mobile gaming

It was about 80 minute which was the average time by kids spent on the mobile gaming in a day. But in the recent days the time being spent is about more than 2 hours on their device by most of the users. This is a massive increment on the time being spent. The parents are the main contributors to this trend as they buy the premium priced games so that their kids can enjoy unlimited features of the game without any interference in between.

According to another study by intelligence firm named the Super Data Research which also showed that there had been a 7.8 percentage of the mobile gaming market are being spent for the kids games worldwide. The revenue of the mobile gaming went up to about 9.3 percentage where the main contributors where the kids for the kids mobile games in the US.

A group that delivers the information about the market and the advisory services to the benefit of the clients to create much more effective and better business clarifications which shows that the kids aged between 2 to 12 spends maximum time on their gaming device. These devices are smartphones and tablets where more money is being spent than any other activities where the parents are spending money. The time when the kids are going to reduce their gaming purpose is when they reach their teen years and early adult life.

There is no disagreeing about the important role of the kid’s games which drives huge revenue to the gaming industry. The group of adult gamers, who spend as much time or more time on the gaming, tends to be the decision makers for their kids gaming activities which makes them the main target of the game builders and the

The awareness about real benefits of the games related to the educational purposes are the main reasons why the kids games are trending in the gaming market in the recent time. Due to this the parents are very much contended to their kids playing games which helps the mobile gaming industry earn around US$1.9 billion on the gaming apps in just this year. However the child gamers are also selective with their choices on the games. The kids especially between the ages of 5-8 prefer games which has some encouragement for them in it like action games, intellectual games, strategy games etc.

Educational, fun activity games can be at times very beneficial to the kids as it help them improve their mind activity and also benefits them to learn some basic lesson in life in a fun way.

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