Thursday, 6 August 2015

Playing Mobile Games Will Now Help Improving Mental Health

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Schizophrenia – have you heard about it? It is one kind of long term mental disorder in which the person often suffers from an abnormal social behavior and failure to understand and recognize between something which is real and unreal. Some of the symptoms include believing in what is not truth or some confused thinking. People suffering from this face very low social engagement, lack of motivation and loneliness.

But recently a team of researchers led by a professor from the Department of Psychiatry at the Cambridge University named Barbara Sahakian have developed a game which will help improving the episodic memory of an individual. This “brain training” game can help to improve the functioning of the brain and their memory for the people with that particular disease. This game will also help them live an independent life.

The episodic memory of an individual is a type of memory which helps you to remember the area where you parked your vehicle in a huge building with lot of parked cars, or remembering the place where you last kept your mobile or key etc. this is one of the important functioning which is affected in a patient’s memory. This game by the name “Wizard” includes a lot of different tasks like the gamers need to move through the rooms and identifying different items, boxes and other different locations in the room. This game was made in 9 month collaboration between different psychologists, neuroscientists, game developers and also many people with Schizophrenia. This game is made with total fun and easy to understand and simultaneously also improves the episodic memory of the player.

The people with this disease who have played this game have shown a significant improvement with reduced amount of errors. And not only that but the patients in the training group also witnessed an increase on the GAF scale. According to the researchers the improvement was mainly because it had a direct impact on the global functioning or may be it had an indirect effect on the patient’s functionality which was by improving the general motivation and self-esteem.

This game which is priced at $14.99 which is almost Rs. 955 is included in the Peak’s app for the ipad was specifically designed to train the episodic and the visual memory of the patient suffering from Schizophrenia and also helping them learn new things as well.

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