Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Read Why You Should Allow Your Kids to Play Mobile Games

We have already talked about the educational benefits for the kids who play mobile games. Just for a quick example it helps the children improve their eyes and hand coordination, mental development and also improves the social interaction skills. Playing games help the children with creativity and problem solving ability. A recent study shows that children playing mobile games can be better surgeons.

kids mobile game addiction

We have talked a lot about the benefits of games for children here we will talk about the addiction of mobile games for children. The parents usually don’t approve their children of playing mobile games because they thing it might turn them into a gaming bodies who will do nothing other than sitting with their mobile all the time and beating their previous high scores. The number of fears and disadvantages that parents think for their children of mobile games will be more than the benefits that one can think of.

It is difficult to know at what point a child will get addicted to playing mobile games because sometimes a child might take long hours a day playing mobile games but still he or she might not get addicted to it if the child does not allow the games to interfere in their ordinary responsibilities of life. And even some children will be playing games ample amount of time and will continue studies and forgoing sleep and meals.

So it does not always mean that the child who play long hours of mobile games will be addicted to it though the amount of time used in playing games can be used for sports which will improve the physical health of a child. The word addiction can differ from every parent’s point of view which means the point at which the parent start thinking that their child is spending too much time on mobile games. But once a child gets too much absorbed into a game then it will become bit difficult to stop him or her.

It would not be much productive in these days to stop the kids from playing mobile games because in this latest generation the kids who don’t play video games is not a normal thing that we see, especially for boys.

Playing games is totally fun which is one of the main reasons why it is attracting kids and even adults too much. So it won’t be a good idea to stop them from a harmless enjoyment that they get during their free time along with some benefits. Because banning them totally from playing mobile games might encourage them to play them behind your back.

As a precaution regarding the games that the kids play the parents can learn about those games and navigate them from the games that they don’t find comfortable for their kids to play with. Some examples like educational, role playing and strategy games can be helpful for the kids. The game which gets over when the required task is completed is better to play than the endless games. It is important that you teach your children to balance the amount of time on playing mobile games with the other activities like watching movies, studying, outdoor activities, social life and interaction.

Finally we can conclude that we need to manage the time being spent on the game and also get the maximum advantage from it by managing the time spent on it, not getting too much addicted to it and being responsible towards other activities in your life.

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