Monday, 10 August 2015

The New Gaming Technology will Change the Face of Education

Most of the countries in the world have a significant shortage of teachers in the schools according to the United Nations and as solution to that the educational games can be used to help the children with their studies. It is interesting to know the ways in which the educational games can help children and cope up with their studies in spite of lack of teachers.

educational game for kids

Within next few years the advanced technology will have advanced A.I. virtual and augmented realities and also voice recognition. All these combined together will be able to deliver an appreciative and targeted educational content to the kids.

1) Games filling all the loopholes

  • A game consisting of a narrative and explanatory style cartoon movie with a quality educational content game in it and packaging all of them together then it is possible that the kids would love all the different educational stuff including Science, Math etc.
  • It is expected that the content in those games will grow with the kids and will also serve them through primary school and high school also.
2) Using the Games in classrooms

  • We know that having a teacher is very important for education but we also know that in most of the states and countries there is a lot of shortage of teachers which leads to compromising the educational standards.
  • And it can also be predicted that the current generation or may be the next generation might not have sufficient number of teachers for the increasing students.
  • But the educational games won’t mean that the future won’t need school teachers at all but we can say that they can act as a guide for the students when they don’t get anyone to teach them the educational concepts.
3) Combination of technology and education

  • The educational games in near future are going to have to get smarter in playing the active role in the teaching process for the students.
  • The games will have to respond to the individual students differently.
  • The continuous evolution in the technology will be beneficial in the innovation of the educational games within few years. 
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The use of Artificial Intelligence in the educational games will be a huge development in the gaming industry around the world. It can also help improve the outcomes in the games. It is believed that the educational games will even respond to the tone of a child and then understand when the child is depressed or stressed of the studies.

The recognition of the speech in the technology of the Artificial Intelligence and the translation technology will be soon make the educational much more easy to use which will find a global success to the emerging educational game trend.

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  1. Thanks for the article. We're creating Planet Earthlings as a gamified educational universe to empower children. I believe that cooperative educational games will not only help with education, but by bringing youngsters from around the world together we'll make the world a better place. All the best!