Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Why do Kids Love Playing Mobile Games a Lot?

Kid love playing mobile games especially because it is so much fun and entertainment for obvious reasons. Kids mostly love challenging and difficult games than easy and simple games which will take time to think for the next step and explore through the game and later gain mastery over it. Most of the games require the kids to be highly concentrated and focused into it and sharing the game with friends of teaming up with them and completing the levels one by one.

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A plenty of games are made with the rewards and point systems. These games attract more kids because of the positive increment in the rewards or the points will motivate them to play it again and again to gain more points and rewards. These kinds of games will always make the kids feel good.

Games are now more addicting to kids than reading story books or novels because games motivate them with a praising message every time they move into the next level unlike books or novels. Games can easily get the attention of the kids almost more than anything else because it makes them feel superior to what they are in actual increasing their confidence level and self-pride. Hence kids will enjoy anything that will give them positive response and encourage them constantly.

The kids are into the games more than adults because kids can get deep into the fantasy easier than adults. Just like these games many of the books and movies are also equally addictive to kids and attract them towards it. But mobile games have a special feature of providing another level of interaction, involvement and engagement which is not present in any of the others.

And many games with educational benefits will certainly help the kids in the stimulation of the brain especially games having a specific goal or a strategy. Game featuring logical reasoning and making quick decision also help the kids while playing a particular game. These games need quick thinking in particular stages and situations which will help them practice to increase the speed of their mind in a fun and entertaining way.

Kids sometimes need to play a wide range of games both mobile and outdoor games involving and improving the mental and physical activity. Quick thinking games are also a positive gain. Hence motivating the kids to playing games will help them improve many of their skills. Encourage them to play a lot of educational games which will help them to learn a lot of educational stuff instead of learning all of them from school books.

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