Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Help Your Kids Learn to Cook From These Educational Kitchen Games

Kids love tasty fast food like creamy cakes, delicious pizzas etc. What if we can teach them to prepare all of their favorite dishes by themselves? It’s not at all hard to teach them to cook as Gameiva brings a collection of the best cooking and chef games for kids to help them learn prepare variety of tasty dishes by themselves. These games for kids also have lot of different fun educational and learning activities which will keep them hooked into the game.

cooking games for kids

Below given are the top and the latest educational cooking games for kids by Gameiva. Let’s have a brief look at each of them.

1) Prom Night Cake Maker For Kids

Let's make some delicious cakes for the prom in this prom night cake maker game for kids. Learn the recipes for the cakes and also learn to make a lot of different variety of cakes like chocolate cakes, cherry berry, cupcake and much more. Use lot of different cream and add the taste maker to make the cake look beautiful and also very tasty.

Learn to use the different tools in the kitchen which is used to make cake and mix the different recipes added to it. And finally you will totally learn to make your own cakes of different variety in this cake maker game for kids.

cake making games

Activities in the Game: 

• Lot of different type of cakes in this game.
• Many different recipes used which will help you understand materials used in it.
• Learn to make the cakes by playing and completing all the levels.
• Unlock new cake levels by completing one at a time.

2) Little Chef Master

Being a chef is full of responsibilities and also lot of fun. Become a chef in this little chef master game for kids and experience being a super chef at a five star hotel. Clean your clothes and choose the best chef uniform for you. Lot of vegetables are falling off the vegetable shelf collect them all and look out that you don't collect any wrong items into your basket. Prepare a beautiful and delicious cake, Pizza. Then clean your kitchen and the cake baking over. Also play a mini fruit ninja game for some extra fun.

chef games for kids
Activities in the Game:

• Put on the best dresses select a chef hat and begin your job as a chef.
• Collect all the vegetables and do take care that you don't collect any bombs.
• Make a big and delicious pizza and a creamy cake for the customers.
• Clean the kitchen and the oven after cooking.
• Play an entertaining fruit cutting game for some extra fun.

3) Preschool Educational Kitchen

Learn all the different kitchen cooking activities and play so many different games from the preschool educational kitchen by Gameiva. Start your game repairing the clock and putting all the numbers from 1-12 in the perfect series in it. Clean all the dirty vegetables and fruits and also separate the fruits from vegetables into different baskets. Match all the different food items in the kitchen to the one who produced them. Complete all such simple yet fun games and reach the next level for another round of games with more fun.
educational kitchen games

Activities in the Game:

• Arrange all the burgers in the ascending order of their size.
• Prepare the exact same ice cream and cake as shown in the image by yourselves.
• Clean all the dirty food items.
• Put all the numbers on the clock in its perfect series.
• Play games like matching the items and letters etc.

Gameiva is a hub of educational, fun and entertaining games for kids and these were all just few of the amazing educational kitchen games for kids which will help all the kids to train their mind at young age. You can find more of effective, innovative and science games for kids at Gameiva.

Gameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids. We have never stopped from bringing new educational and science games for kids with lot of entertainment and learning.

All these games are free and beneficial for all the kids allowing them to learn a lot of new scientific concepts.  Stay with us for the latest updates of Gameiva on Google play and get more of educational games. Also visit our YouTube channel.

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