Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Newest Addition to the Educational & Fun Games for Toddlers by Gameiva

The Gameiva has brought a big collection of totally new educational fun games for kids with fresh collection of games and activities. These games will are totally updated with the latest trends and upcoming big festival like Christmas. Enjoy playing these entertaining games for kids and toddlers and also learn lot of new educational stuffs that kids can learn easily through these games.

educational games for kids
Let’s have a look at all the latest games for toddlers by Gameiva given below.

1) Christmas Girl Hair Salon

December 25 is getting closer & closer! Gameiva's new game Christmas Girl Hair Salon finally comes out & it will give ideas to girls about different hair styles & helps you to looks stunning in Christmas party. At the beginning of game wash hair properly with shampoo & rinse it with water. Cut the hair; choose your own style curls or straight. Choose hair color & accessories. Also choose designer face mask & caps to give more stylist look.

makeover games


  • Different hair style tools like Scissor, straightener, curler & more.
  • Dozens of hair color & accessories
  • Wide collection of designer face mask & caps
  • smooth to play

learning games

Learn lot of different basic activities that the little toddlers need to learn in their childhood. Arrange the cards with the images of different objects on it and compare it with the real objects. Learn the names of different objects in this educational game. Do lot of different fun activities in this game which will all be helpful for all the kids and toddlers with lot of different learning activities in it.

salon gamesThe biggest Hollywood celebrity heroes need a beard makeover for an upcoming award function and they have to look the most handsome man in the crowd. As a celebrity makeover artist help those celebrities to give a perfect style to their beard and make it look the most stylish in your own beard salon makeover center especially for Celebrities. There are still much more activities needed to be completed like giving an attractive color to their beard and help them select a perfect stylish goggles and a Hat which will suit their style and personality. Start this game and have fun with all the makeover activities.

rhyming games

Even before the toddlers starts learning the alphabets they learn the rhymes first. The rhymes for kids can help the kids them in improving their imagination ability. Gameiva brings a perfect collection of all the different rhymes along with an animated video with all the different characters in the rhyme. This sweet musical rhyme can help the kids to learn them easily when they listen to it and it will also grab their attention with all the friendly animated characters in it.

preschool games

After you are expert with all the alphabets and learning all the different words now it is time for all the toddler’s to learn to make sentences out of all the alphabets and words. Start the game and choose the any level you wish and start playing with the bubbles of sentences. Break all the bubbles with different words in it and arrange them in perfect order. Complete the sentence with proper grammar and also make sure that you put a full stop at the end of each sentence.

alphabet games 
Learn all the alphabets with the help of all the flash cards. Start the game and learn to write each alphabet from 1 to z and also learn a word for each alphabet. To make this educational alphabet game for toddlers more interesting each of the word for the alphabet will be doing a funny animation as soon as you touch it. The word combination along with the game will help the kids to understand each word and alphabet easily.

These Latest fun learning games for kids can help them learn the basic educational stuffs in life with lots of fun and learning activities. Download from play store, Play and Share all these amazing Educational and Activity games for kids with all your friends and enjoy your day with friends and family. Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva. These educational and learning activity games will highly benefit all the kids for various different useful stuffs in life. They can also learn it in the most entertaining and fun way. Share all these fun activity games with your friends and enjoy your time with them.

Gameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to building user friendly games and apps related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for children. Stay with us for the latest updates of Gameiva on Google play and get more excellent apps.

Download from play store, Play and Share all these Educational Jigsaw games with your friends and have fun with all the different fun activities and also get many educational and free fun android games for toddlers at Gameiva. These educational and learning activity games will highly benefit all the kids for various different useful stuffs in life. They can also learn it in the most entertaining and fun way.

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