Wednesday, 4 November 2015

What can we Predict About the Future of Smartphone Education?

What’s the new about Smartphones in classrooms?

The governments of most of the countries are bringing technology to the classrooms and are also considering to put huge efforts to develop the method of learning and studies for the students. Providing tablets and smartphones are being raised to be implemented in all the public classrooms. Looking into the benefits of having tablets and smartphones in the classrooms most of the public schools are figuring out effective ways to introduce the digital technologies into the upcoming educational centers.

future of education

It was estimated that billions of dollars are spent each year on textbooks with most of them being outdated by about 7-10 years. The use of education through smartphones will save lot of money and also improve learning experience by being updated to all the latest syllabuses. The high cost of smartphones will surely drop if the schools buy them in bulk.

Using the smartphones will suit for the fast developing modern educational environment with lot of different interactive, innovative and visual experience for the teachers.

How it improves the education?

It was seen from a recent studies that the students who used smartphones for studies were more motivated, attentive and had more engagement in the studies. It’s not the content or amount of syllabus needed to be studied that matters but the format of the content that matters. It was seen that those who used digital version tested higher than the ones who used the traditional textbook.

Students who require special needs and facilities to learn can get all of them through “Learning using smartphones” and can also bring a reduction to educational gaps in children. Children with learning issues can use the tablets and educational apps to learn easily than from normal textbooks.

Educational apps can also help autistics kids with their skill development and learning better, and many smartphones can help those kids with language delay with a voice and also help other kids to reduce their stress that they have while studying. And some special apps can also help in improving the motor skills which proves that the smartphones with the best educational apps can provide with huge benefits in the classroom.

What can we predict about this?

We can surely be certain that the tablets will be arriving to each and every classroom soon either by parent who can easily afford them or by an initiative taken by the government or the schools. It was predicted from a research that mobile education around the globe could cost around $70 billion. The tablets can easily update itself with the latest information, research and many other important stuffs that the students need to know. Above all the security also plays a key importance in developing a plan for all the public schools around the world.

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