Friday, 1 May 2015

Best Science Experiment Games for kids to Keep Them Busy

Kids always love to do different activities & learn something different.So Gameiva brought science game for kids because science experiment is best thing of science that allows children to enjoy science fundamentals with fun.

Here is the collection of interactive science games for kids which easy to perform at school or home.
balloon science experiment

1) Science experiment with Balloon

We use balloons for parties and various other fun activities but are you familiar with these amazing science and facts about these balloons? This is perfect platform for all the kids and even grownups to learn the best scientific and unknown facts of balloons.


See the Demo Video


2) Science experiment with Water

Kids can perform the experiments with a nicely given assistance. Lots of different apparatus used for experiments which you can easily manage for yourself. Learn the motive of the experiments from the conclusions. Download game for live experiment.

See the Demo Video

3) Science experiment with Eggs

It is the perfect app for all those curious and eager kids who have a thirst to learn more of science and experiments on eggs.  This game consists of 9 different experiments on eggs. Do the experiments on eggs with a perfect guidance. Learn the final conclusion at the end of every experiment.

See the Demo Video

4) Science Experiment for Kids 

A number of different experiments on various objects.  All the experiments are very easy to understand and perform anywhere. You can easily manage all the apparatus used for all the experiments. A lot of animations, images and design make these experiments more interesting.

See the Demo Video

So enjoy all given above fun science games for kids while learning more about science. We have more learning games at Gameiva which inspire kids to learn different activities. Everyone can give their feedback & suggestion about our game at or in comment section below, we would appreciate for that.

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