Monday, 4 May 2015

Preschool Toddler Learning – Free Educational Game for Kids

educational game for kids

Kids love to learn anything with fun and it’s a best way to teach them very easily and make that things very interesting for them. Here is the fun Preschool learning game for kids by Gameiva for helping them learn different things with fun and interest.

learning game for kids

In this game kids will learn different preschool activities like counting, learn shapes, memory skill increase activities and much more. All the activities included very carefully which helps toddlers to learn with interest and fun.


Here is the features of this game:

  • Different unique logic learning games like
  • Joint the toys and learn name of toys
  • Learn colors with interesting activities
  • Match the toys to increase memory level
  • Make the pairs of toys
  • Learn different shapes
  • Different Math learning activities

There are different activities included inside this game which help them to learn everything very easily.


See the screen shots of the game:

preschool Learning Games

toddler preschool learning

See Demo video:

prescholl learning game

Hope you like this game for your kids and they enjoyed it. You can give your suggestion or feedback about this game at we would appreciate for that.

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