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Best Science Experiments With Water To Learn Science With Lot Of Fun

We all love playing and swimming in water, but there are various other hidden scientific facts about the water that most of us were unaware until now. Did you know the technique to make the water glow in dark? Or to make a water bottle explode with just few ice cubes and some sun light? Or have you ever imagined what would happen if you mix a jar full of water and a jar full of oil?

Well even though these science experiments look pretty tough and hard to imagine it is actually so simple that you can perform it right at home itself with the simple materials you find at home. Gameiva brings a complete set of a huge variety of different science experiments with water that you can perform anywhere, whether right at home or even at school with very simple apparatus.

Let’s have a look at all the amazing water science experiment games by Gameiva.

science experiments with water1) Science Experiments With Water

• Features a number of different experiments with water.
• Kids can perform the experiments with very good voice guidance.
• Lot of different apparatus used for experiments which you can easily manage for yourself.
• Learn the motive of the experiments from the conclusions.
• Share your science experiments and information with friends and have fun.

science activity for kids
2) Science Experiment With Water 2

• This is an improved version of the science experiment with water.
• With lot of new experiments on water we bring you new fundamentals and knowledge on science.
• Easy to understand and harmless to perform them.
• Conclusions will help improve the knowledge of the science of water.
• Perform the experiments and improve your science.

amazing experiments for kids
3) Science Experiment With Water 3

• Make fountain with help of straw, water and glass
• Perform lot of different latest, amazing and exciting science experiments with water.
• There are tons of different experiments to perform
• Follow the given instructions and perform all the given experiment
• Learn the basic water science art home or at school.

Gameiva has never stopped in bringing new science experiment games with lot of different household materials that kids will always enjoy to perform with. There are tons of science experiments for kids which are made easy to understand by amazing animations and also theoretical explanations which will help them to understand them with a better conclusion and knowledge. All these apps will be very beneficial for all kids allowing them to learn a lot of new scientific concepts with lot of fun.

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