Monday, 25 May 2015

Imaginative IQ Game For Kids To Boost Their Brain And Thinking Skills

IQ puzzle game for kids

The "Preschool IQ Test for Kids" is a brain boosting puzzle game for all kids fully packed with lot of creative brainteaser questions and answers which will help the children improve their imagination and thinking skills. Each question is a unique puzzle for which you will have to use your extraordinary and creative thinking skills. The solutions to those questions will be simple but yet it will never be obvious.

Practicing and Solving all the questions every time will soon make it easy and quick for you to face any similar type of questions anytime. Earn maximum stars by solving all the questions in minimum time possible. So let’s get started with this amazing brain boosting game for kids.


  • A lot of different tricky questions
  • Appropriate and fun filled puzzles and riddles for all ages
  • A lot of out of the box questions which will make the player with an active participation in the game
  • A perfect game for all the people who love riddle and puzzle question
  • A simple yet an addictive game for everyone


riddle game for kids

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IQ Test and puzzles For Kids

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