Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Top Free Preschool Learning - Educational Game for Kids by Gameiva

educational game for kids

At the age of 2 and 5 kid’s interest and nature is being developed. It's time to developing some skills in children, which useful in school. We have a best preschool learning game with the help of that games kids will learn different activities with fun & interest.

Take a look here at the list of preschool learning educational games


1) PreSchool Words For Kids

 preschool learning game
 Gameiva brings an amazing educational game for children where they can learn alphabets and words and will help them recognize letters as they appear. It doesn't matter whether your kid is in kindergarten or attending a preschool this is a great app for all kids.

 See the demo video

 2)  Drawing Classes For Kids

drawing games for kids

This game is a free coloring pad for kids where they can learn to draw with numerous options available to sketch and paint. Children can paint using any drawing tools with lots of different colors. This game can motivate a child’s imagination and their artistic skills.

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3)  PreSchool Learning Garden

gardening game for kids

Preschool learning garden is a perfect game for kids to start learning various activities along with having fun. This game will include fun and entertainment along with many educational, outdoor and indoor gardening activities for kids who are in kindergarten or going to attend a playschool.

See the demo video

4) Preschool Toddler Learning

learning game for kids

Toddler Preschool Learning Games for Kids by Gameiva is a free amazing easy learning games full set of educational games for kids and kindergarten to teach them sorting, counting, matching patterns and much more.

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What are you waiting for you will have lots of fun with kids and they will learn different preschool activities with these games. Feel free to give your suggestion and feedback at or in comment section below. Your suggestion is valuable for us will make our games better.

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  1. Thank you so much for this list of Preschool Learning - Educational Games for kids! These games seem so fun and educative to me. I would like to buy a few of them for my Phoenix kindergarten students.

    1. you are welcome..we always keep publishing new games for kids especially focusing on educational can follow our channel to get the latest updates of it.

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