Thursday, 18 June 2015

Best Educational & Science Games for Kids for a Creative Mind

There are many unknown facts about the things surrounding which we are unaware about. But no more, because you can learn all the scientific facts about the many different things with the variety of experiments on it from the "Science Experiments" games by Gameiva. There are lot of different kids games with lot of different amazing experiments on each.

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These games are made easy to understand for all the kids with very good animations with many cartoon characters, theoretical explanations and conclusions. Let's have a look at the epic trilogy of the science experiments.

Science Experiments with Water

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This game will be beneficial for all the kids allowing them to learn new concepts with lots of fun.

  • You can perform a number of different experiments with water.
  • Kids can perform the experiments with a nicely given assistance.
  • Lots of different apparatus used for experiments which you can easily manage for yourself.

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Science School For Kids

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Children can perform various experiments that they learn at school right at home itself.

  • Tons of amazing different science experiments which guarantees lots of fun and learning.
  • Simple apparatus and materials used for each experiment.
  • The aim and the conclusion to each of the experiment will help the kids understand the activities better.

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Science Experiments With Ice

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Perform various different experiments on ice with the help of this science experiments on ice.


  • Learn how to dry ice uses as smoke ring launcher
  • Frozen water is heavier or denser when it is in liquid state.
  • Demonstrate melting point of ice.
  • Learn tricks to pick ice using thread.
  • Process of cloud formation and there are other experiments available to perform.
Watch the game play Video:

Gameiva has never stopped in bringing new science experiment games with lot of different household materials that kids will always enjoy to perform with. There are tons of science experiments for kids which are made easy to understand by amazing animations and also theoretical explanations which will help them to understand them with a better conclusion and knowledge. All these apps will be very beneficial for all kids allowing them to learn a lot of new scientific concepts with lot of fun.

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