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Read What All to Expect from the Future of the Gaming Technology

The technology is growing at a very huge pace and we can see the proof from the development and advancement of the digital technology since past many years, take a look at the gaming industry for an instance. From the very past history of the gaming technology like the black and white 2D game named Pong (1972) to the first 3D game named 3D monster maze in 1981 and also from the first ever shooting game like Wolfenstein in 1992 to the real life like shooting game like Battlefield 4 in 2013. So there is no doubt that the industry of games has a huge share on the technological evolution.

gaming technology in future

The gaming has been an awesome experience for all the gamer like us whether it is just for casual or hardcore thriller shooting games. We always wonder what the technology of the gaming industry will turn out in the near future, which is pretty hard to predict but we can conclude a few things about how it might turn out in future from the existing trends and developments. Take a look at
the exciting 5 features that you can expect in the future of the gaming technology.

1) The immersive gaming with the virtual reality.

• It is a really surprising fact that the 3D films have existed from about a century ago. But due to its very huge cost the technology didn’t do much of any improvement that time.
• The major jump in the technology in the recent years resulted in improving the functionalities of the hard ware, the “Virtual Reality“ started being used immensely and many more innovations in it.
• And with a new technology named Oculus Rift which features a huge field view, fast response head tracking systems with ultra-low latency and which incorporates the immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering capabilities.

2) Secondary screens to be used in the gaming.

• With the increasing market in the devices like smartphones and tablets there is a big rush between the major brands of games for the invention of a secondary gaming device like
• Wii U: The Wii U is a GamePad featuring a built-in touch screen which can work as a supplementary to the games.
• SmartGlass: The Microsoft is catching up on the competition with the Xbox SmartGlass. SmartGlass is an app which has an additional tool for the gamers to interact and can also be downloaded into the smartphone and accessed from it for a new and enhanced gaming experience.
• Sony Cross Play: the Sony has taken the step to improve their play station 3 with a handheld device named PS Vita Via Cross-Play feature which allows the Gamer to stop playing on a device and continue from it on another device.

evolution in gaming

3) Open source gaming.

• The open source game is an android powered videogame which works for the concept that the games are cheap to build and should be cheap to buy.
• The games of the future may probably be no longer be managed by the major game developers just like the way video making was made a mainstream in the YouTube.

4) Augmented Reality (AR)

• The augmented reality will be having many additional information or the data overlay digitally in the real time.
• Holding the smartphone up will show you the nearby restaurants, hotels, banks or ATMS etc.
• Soon we may even be having a gaming with the UI like Google glass where you don’t even have to hold a console or a device.

5) Cloud Gaming

• The cloud computing technology has started to gain a huge speed with some very fast internet connections. It is a huge opportunity for the gaming industry to make the games very easy to access like music and movies.
• With the cloud gaming we will not have to wait a long time for the updates to a better and high quality game.
• The games will also be soon cheaper and more easily accessible for the computers and tablets.

It can be predicted that the technology will be huge development for the gaming technology in near future. It is delightful to know that the gaming technology and industry are heading towards exploring far and pushing the limits even further. Let’s wait and watch the where the continuously evolving technology takes us to.

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