Thursday, 25 June 2015

Top 5 Benefits of Educational Based Games for Kids

It is obviously not good for a child to spend all his day with his mobile phone but there are many effective benefits of gaming based learning. Playing games and game based learning have been a part of our education system since years. And today with the latest technological advancements the latest forms of educational and learning games have emerged as a new form of teaching tool.

educational games for kids

There is a huge variety of educational games of different categories covering all the basic facts and learning of our life in a fun way which will get the children active with the game. Some example like interactive puzzle games, math games, science games, etc. are all highly beneficial for the mind development of the kids.

Participating in the fast and quick challenges in the game will make the child smarter, capable and it will also bring a child closer to the parents as they enjoy the interaction and the activity together.

Let’s have a clear look at the few of the benefits of the educational gaming for kids.

1) Improves the memory of a child.

• Some games require revolving around with high utilization of memory. Kids have to memorize few figures and aspects in the game to track the further procedures to move ahead in the game.

• Educational games can increase the focusing power of a child and also grow their attention spans.

2) Increases the strategic thinking and problem solving capability.

• The educational games will be featuring some requirements where the kids will have to think very quickly.

• Also in some games they have to use their logic to complete the level in order to move to the next stage.

• This is very beneficial as it will be helpful for children with future as they develop their logic.

3) Games focused on specific school subjects.

• There are many games which primarily focuses on the subjects of school like math, science, etc. These games can help the kids for an easy learning with those subjects.

• Games related to the subjects of the school will be more interesting for them to play as they can learn their required lessons with lot of fun.

• It is proven that there games can increase the intellect of a child’s memory.

4) Improving and building skill of the child

• The educational games also contain a lot of aspects which can help the kids with a specific set of skills.

• Some adventure or the mystery games contains a map which the kids will have to read which will help the kids to improve their map reading skills.

5) Can benefit the children with attention problems

• It has been revealed from the researchers that the games can help the children with attention disorders.

• Many games require the kids to pay continuous attention to it as they move forward with the game. And the kids will surely pay attention as they like what they are doing.

• This activity in turn results in improving the attention and concentration power of the kids with an attention deficiency.

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