Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Latest Educational and Fun Games for Preschoolers by Gameiva

A lot of new educational, fun and activity games for kids are updated on a regular basis by Gameiva. These games guarantee a lot of information to the kids in a totally new way. The features and the animations in these games are done just the way how kids imagine in their mind and the way how they would totally find it entertaining and fun.

kids summer camp game

Many android games for kids were added recently by Gameiva which is totally of new category with an innovative collection of fun games. Let’s have a look at few of its example as given below.

1) Preschool Animal Art & Craft

This game will be an awesome place for kids to make a team of their own with lot of different animals and paying their games.

kids craft games

  • Help all the different animals in collecting and cleaning their food items
  • Learn to sow and farming the seeds of the fruit for the animals.
  • Also play various different creative and learning games with the animals.
  • Share the games with your friends for loads of fun and entertainment.

2) Summer Camp For Kids

Play many different games with friends, play with any toys of your choice, do camp fire with friends and also create your own driving license with your image in it and save it to gallery.

adventure game for kids


  • So many different games to play with your friends including many different activities.
  • Find the toys that your friends want which are in the hidden room.
  • Cook your favorite food at the camp and watch out that it is not over burnt.
  • Stay away from the bees and other insects to be safe.

3) Science Fair Projects For Kids

One of the best educational game with lot of different and amazing science projects and experiments for kids which will help them to understand the concepts of science with lot of fun activities in this game.

science games for kids

kids science activities


  • Learn many laws of physics in a totally fun way.
  • There are so many different experiments which can be done very easily with this game.
  • The Conclusions along with the speech combination with it will make it easier to understand all the experiments.

4) New Born Baby At Hospital

Let’s help and check the health of the lady who is just going to give birth to a cute child. Play the role of a doctor and examine the lady by going through various checkups like blood pressure, cardiogram, health checking etc.

baby care game for kids
  • Have fun playing all the caring activities like a doctor.
  • Play with the newborn baby and also take care of his health and needs.
  • Use different ultra sound tools to find out the health and safety of the baby.
  • Do all the required checkups in the best way to become the best doctor in the town.

Gameiva has never stopped in bringing the latest creations of games and app which the kids will surely love and enjoy. All these games will be very beneficial for all the kids allowing them to learn a lot of new scientific concepts with lot of fun.

We are entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameIva on Google play and get more of educational games. Also visit our YouTube channel.

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