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Read The Top 5 Tips and Facts to Prepare a Perfect Game

The android games are always amazing and fun to play with. The android games are constantly evolving with a lot of new variety of games with different categories every day. Once any of the games get released the makers of the game will look upon to the feedback, reviews and criticism of their game because the updates of the game will totally depend on those.

android game development tips

The games in the Android Play store are mostly very successful around the world. The android games have a very good combination of technology, high quality design, very good performance etc. To develop an android game of your own you need to take care of a few simple steps. Let’s have a look at the top tips for an android game development.

  • Make a good concept, story and flow of the game 
  • The art and the design for the game should be attractive
  • Use all the tutorials available for free.
  • Use the perfect architecture for the game.
  • Also do make sure that the game you make is loved by everyone.
  • Add sound to the game to make it more attractive.
  • Always concentrate to the feedback and reviews.
  • If you get a lot of positive feed backs you can market it with even more higher rates.

Once you are completed with your game after all kind of testing and improvements it is time that you publish it onto the android play store. But before that you need to know some other information on how to get your games to do a successful business on the app store. Have a look at important tips that you must follow for a successful android game.

5 tips before you publish your android game

1) Use in app purchase in your game

• The in app purchases are one of the main source of purchases in the games now. When the users get too much involved into your game they will at one time will use the in app purchases for various other features for a better performance of the game.

• Once the users start loving your games you can make them hit the upgrade of the game or subscribe to your channel.

2) Better Rating can help with the revenue.

• Your game can get rating from the users who have used which will help in a better business of it.

• The ratings will totally depend on the games development and other issues. And the high rating is very important for a game in play store as it helps in more revenue of the app.

• It is estimated by Google that those games or apps that get at least 4 to 5 star from the user will get more than 20 times better revenue than those with the lower rated app.

3) Market your game to the entire world

• Releasing your game to the global level will help more number of people to use your app and give a good rating to it.

• The Google play store is used by people from the entire world which is why the transcription service is released in the developer console of the Google play.

4) Tablets Help With More Revenue than the Smartphones

• You can even create a version of your app or game for the tablets by optimizing for it.

• With the android update of the ice cream 4.0 by Google they have made it easier to do that.

5) Always learn more and never be afraid to make mistakes

• Learning new things and gaining knowledge is an important thing for the people who have the desire for more.

• The technology doubles every 3 years and it won’t be slowing any time so if you want to stay ahead of the world it is necessary that along with the game you keep on upgrading yourself.

These tips and facts for game development can help you very much if you are an indie game developer or even an organization. You can have a look at few examples of the games which were made by highly focusing on all the gaming related tips and other necessary details from Gameiva.

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