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Top 5 Baby Day Care Games: Learn Different Baby Care Activities

There are lots of responsibilities to be completed as a parent or a care taker when there is a new born baby with them. It is important to learn all those activities to take necessary care and precautions of the baby. Gameiva brings a cute collection of a number of baby day care games for kids where you can take care of number of cute babies and learn to complete their different task and help them with their necessities.

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Lets have a look at the top baby day care activities by GameIva to play with lot of fun activities.

 1) Baby Daycare Activities

Feed the baby and play different games with him so that he feels happy all the time. Finally put the baby to sleep for another amazing day for him.

    day care activities for kids
  • Clean the dirty room with the broom to make it safe for the baby to play.
  • Feed the baby when he is hungry with the delicious baby food items.
  • Heal the small bruises and injuries of the baby to make him stop crying.
  • Play different games with different toys and also play some outdoor games for some extra fun.

2) Mommy's Little Helper

Mommy is very happy to welcome her new born child at home. But there is to many preparation need to do like clean the room, decorate baby’s room, clean all the clothes, mom’s dress up and more.

    baby games for kids

  •  Clean baby’s room with given cleaning tools.
  • Decorate room with new wall designs and more.
  • Clean all clothes, ironing it properly.
  • Variety of dresses for mommy.

3) Baby Sitter Day Care

Complete many different task like plating with the baby to make him stop crying, bathing him, feeding him with milk, pat him on his back to make him feel safe and many other games that you can play with the cute and adorable baby.

In the game:
  • Play lot of different baby caring activities.
  • Be sure to feed the baby when he is hungry.
  • Bath the kid, dress him up, feed him and finally put the baby to sleep.
baby sitter game

  • Make sure that the baby doesn’t cry in any situation.
  • The baby must be given a bath whenever he is unclean and change his clothes.
  • Feed him with his favorite food so that he doesn’t remain hungry.
  • Play different games with him to make him feel happy.

 4) My Little Baby Love

Dress him up with the best dresses, play with him with his favorite toys also some outdoor games and complete all the tasks properly so that he doesn't get sad.

    baby care games

  • Bath the baby and make him clean.
  • Dress him up with various stylish clothes of different varieties.
  • Do drawing and painting with him in his favorite cartoons.
  • Play some outdoor games but you have play according to the rules of the baby.

5) My Little Baby Care And Dressup

This game will keep the kids active and also busy with lots of fun and entertainment. So let's get started with this adorable game for kids and complete all the activities.

    android games for kids
  • Give a clean bath to the kid using the soap, shampoo, shower etc.
  • Dress up the kid to start an awesome day for the baby.
  • Find all the hidden toys of the baby from the messed up room.
  • Feed the baby, stop her cries and finally get her to a sound sleep.

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