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Learn and Play Lot of Activities with the Animal Games for Kids

There are lots of animals in this world right from our home to the wildest forests in the world. We love playing with many of them and also we respect their existence on this earth. That is why it is important that we learn a few things about those animals that we see around us.

animal game for kids

Gameiva brings you a collection of some amazing animated animal games for kids which will allow you to learn a lot about the animals. These games are specially made with the animations and activities that the kids will love the most. Here is the list of the best animal games for kids.

1) Kids Learn About Animals

Choose from different mini games where you have to memorize the animals in the line and tell them in order and many more. So hurry up as there are so many animals waiting to play these games with you.

    animal learning games
  • Learn to spell all the different animals in the fun spell game.
  • Memorize the different animals and birds in the cards and align them in order.
  • Play the jigsaw puzzle games with puzzles of many different animals in it.
  • Complete each spell games and unlock new animals and games.

2) Fox Little Helper

Help the fox with his task like pelting stones at the fruit tree and collecting all the fruits that falls down, matching the alphabets with the different fishes in the aquarium, and many different tasks in his garden.

    animal helping games

  • Aim and pelt stones at the fruit tree and collect all the fruits.
  • Match the alphabets with the different water animals and fishes.
  • A lot of different fun activities which will entertain the kids.
  • A new type of educational game with lot of learning activities.

3) My Little Animal Zoo For Kids

Welcome to Gameiva's Animal Zoo!!

This game will bring you amazing experience, kid’s needs to explore with little animals and perform different activities given inside the game. There are 12 different animals and activities included to learn exciting life of animals.


kids animal game

    • Help lizard to eat honeybees.
    • Get your camera and take the funky pictures of flying parrots, sparrow, and woodpecker you need to take picture very fast.
    • Help ostrich to find eggs, feed crocodile with his favorite food.
    • Take picture of hiding squirrel very quickly.

    4) Preschool Animal Safari

    Kids can also learn a lot about animals like what they eat, where they live etc. This is a totally new game for educational purpose for kids to help them learn with lot of fun.


    educational game for kids

    • Lot of animals and birds to choose from.
    • Each animals and birds have different tasks which you have to complete as per the guidance given.
    • Complete various tasks like feeding them with proper food, matching the animals, finding the way to the food etc.
    • Learn lot many new things with this game which guarantees lot of entertainment for kids.

    5) Preschool Animal Party Time

    Complete all the given tasks like making the party bags, baking the cake for the party, taking cool photographs and many other games to make the party even more interesting and fun. So don’t waste time, let’s get started with the work and enjoy the party.


    party games for kids

      • Make beautiful invitation cards with lot of photographs, stamps, designing and coloring.
      • Post the invitation cards to the required address of your friends with the envelope and stamps.
      • Prepare for the party with cakes, bags and many other fun items.
      • Play a lot of cool games like musical chair and many more to make the party a memorable one.

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