Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Read How Kids Games Makes Most of the Worldwide Gaming Revenue

The parents are now taking the games for kids especially focusing on educational and other activity purposes very seriously as they are spending a huge amount of money to make their kids familiar with the smartphone games and apps for kids. The amount of expenditure on games for kids makes up to almost 7.8 percentage of the worldwide market of the gaming industry. According to SuperData, an industry intelligence firm about $1.9 billion is spent on lot of different apps like pocket edition Minecraft, Animal Jam and Crossy Road.

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This amount of money is not necessarily from the same type of free games which has more power over the other gaming sectors. The games with a high price for it also make a respectable amount of money in the total ratio of the total revenue. The amount of money spent on kids gaming is bit different from the other kids of games.

The kids nowadays usually carry a smartphone where ever they go and it is not a surprising sight either. And in the US the games for kids almost makes up to 9.3 percentage of the total amount of money being spent on the mobile gaming.


According to the SuperData the apps with higher prices are also successful because they fulfill the global standards more easily when they have to do marketing for the children. In US they limit the kind of game with the data content they have for the children less than 13 years old. This plays a key role in converting the free gamers into paying gamers.

The advantage with the high priced game is that the kids are not going to bother them for any kind of new power ups and or more energy as the premium priced games are one time pay and then it can be played throughout the life time for free. The games which are free to play also make money from the games for kids and also they are more preferred over the premium game all over the world.

An estimated about $245 million from US itself was earned from the gamers through the free games. The high priced games are usually more popular amongst the parents and the children but they have a limitation of the price ceiling above them. The free games don’t have this ceiling above them and their average revenue from each player also does not have a limit. This adds to one of the main reason as to the reason why the games for kids are hugely loved around the world.

There are also huge benefits of games for kids especially from the educational games for kids which can let them learn a lot in a totally friendly and a fun way.

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