Friday, 14 August 2015

Top 7 Reasons Why People Love to Play Mobile Games

People play mobile games because it gives them an experience of emotions which are related to all the factors of happiness. This usually because the games consist of lot of enjoyable contents which can help us maintain our motivations. The games are usually not so nice and easy and to define what a game actually is there are many explanations for it which can all be different and similar. 

mobile game addiction

Let us explore some of the most common reasons why mobile games attract a huge number 

of people.

1) The mirror neurons in our brain help us to experience the emotion of something else or someone else. For example when we are playing any mobile game we experience the same condition of the hero or the main character of the game. We find ourselves in another world full of imagination and adventure.

2) It helps us to relieve from stress: life is full of stress all the time and it is often necessary that we need to beat the stress.  Fortunately the mobile games can easily help us enter a virtual world full of thrill and fun for some time and leave back all that is going on in our world. This is also the main reason why people are too much addicted to mobile games.

3) Helps in problem solving: there are a lot of games which contains puzzles and other similar brain related activities which will give the people a boost on self-esteem and self-confidence when they complete them.

4) The Recovery: some times when people are not able to complete their dreams and wishes they prefer to run into a world of fantasy and imagination where they can fulfill them as they wanted. People want to be a hero and have super being strength but it is not possible in the real world which is the reason why games attract them because they can be all that they want in the games.

5) Fear of the real world: Some get addicted to the mobile games because they have a fear of the little problems in their lives in the real world. Some people get more addicted to the video games because they are not able to get into a good social life like others. The loneliness leads them to the video games which relieve them from all the stress and pain.

6) The adrenaline effect on our body: The brain doesn’t mind whatever thing we are getting addicted to as far as it gives a mental pleasure. It is due to the dopamine effect on our body. The people love video games because of the amount of dopamine that is being experience due to the video games.

7) Helps us to gain the control: The mobile games help us to gain the control over our lives which many people feel lost from their lives. This is because the environment of the mobile game is easily controllable which helps the person to regain their control in life, this is also one of the reason why people love the mobile games and video games too much.

So if you are having any trouble in controlling the way of your life or if your mind is filled with stress and pain if you feel that you have been losing continuously for a long time then playing mobile or video games can surely help you a lot battle all the above troubles in life. Start your gaming activity today with the best mind relief and stress relieving games form Gameiva the best educational and fun gaming channel.

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