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Top 4 Latest Halloween Celebration Games for Kids by Gameiva

"October 31st" do you know what day it is? Obviously it is a special day around the world for all the kids. It is none other than the "Halloween Day". The Halloween Day is full of fun where everyone gets dressed up as Halloween monsters. Gameiva brings some perfect collection of fun filled Halloween games for kids where they can start their Halloween activities right now itself. Start preparing for all you Halloween activities right not it selves with all your best friends and be ready for the big day which is just a few days away.

kids halloween activities

Let's have a look at some of the top and latest Halloween games for kids by Gameiva to get the best ideas to celebrate the Halloween in the best way this year.

1) Halloween Room Decoration

The festival of Halloween is nearing by and the kids are already getting prepared for it. Let’s get started with all the Halloween activities like scary room decoration, dressing up, makeover and many more. These fun activities will get you the feeling of enjoying a Halloween festival right at home. Select any of your favorite scary Halloween character and choose your favorite dress from huge options of dresses available. Decorate your room but make sure that you make your room pretty scary when someone sees it.

halloween games

Activities in the Game:
  • Choose your favorite scary Halloween character.
  • Select the activity that you want to do.
  • Decorate the house and renovate it with all the spooky items that you have.
  • Do the dress up activity and change into the best clothes that you have.

Criminals dressed as Halloween monsters are wandering freely in the town who will be committing more crime soon. Become a responsible detective officer and go to each crime and murder scenes and spot all the activities. Find out the hidden proofs and the suspicious items in the room. Find out the story behind the murder activities. You will have to hurry up as there are dozens of crime scenes that you have to inspect and you have less than 3 minutes for each crime scenes.

hidden objects game

Investigation Activities in the Game:
  • Select any one of the 10 crime scene in the game.
  • Each crime scene will be having 5 different rooms to be examined very quickly.
  • Find out all the hidden suspicious items in the crime scene and move on to the next crime scene.
  • Use the special lens to see some invisible objects in the scene.
  • Complete all the crime scenes and become a successful detective.

Create lot of Halloween images and paint on them by yourself and save the beautiful or say spooky image into your gallery. Choose any of the ready made images and use your imagination to add colors into them and give them a lively look. Use lot of tools like Paint brush, Painting pencils and many others with lot of options of colors in it. If you make any mistake in between you can use the different types of rubbers to erase it.

painting game for kids

Painting Activities in the Game:
  • Choose any of your favorite Halloween image from gallery of the game.
  • Use lot of different types of coloring tools in the game.
  • Select any of your favorite color and add them into the image.
  • Finally save the image into your gallery.

The monsters are also getting ready for the festival of Halloween and they are at your scary surgery hospital to have a quick surgery over their face and some scary beauty makeovers. Choose your scariest monster customer and start the surgery on them as planned. Clean the face with the towel and mark with the pencil the area where you have to do the surgery. Use the microscopic machine to have a closer look at the area of surgery and use all the different tools for the operation. Start all the fun activities right now and all the best for the operation.

surgery game for kids

Surgery Activities in the game:
  • Choose any of the customers and get started with the surgery.
  • Mark a straight line with the pencil on the area where you have to do the surgery.
  • Do surgery on different part of the face like the eyes, nose, lips etc.
  • Cure all the problems that the monsters are having on different parts of their face.

Gameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to building user friendly games and apps related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for children. Stay with us for the latest updates of Gameiva on Google play and get more excellent apps.

Download from play store, Play and Share all these Halloween games for kids with all your friends and enjoy your "Halloween Day". Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva. These educational and learning activity games will highly benefit all the kids for various different useful stuffs in life. They can also learn it in the most entertaining and fun way.

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