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Top 5 Latest Educational Games & Activities for Toddlers

Let’s educate the kids with all the basic activities and educational stuffs that they need to know in their lives. Gameiva brings a totally new collection with many different and latest activities for the kid’s activities and games. These games are especially featured with the best and the most entertaining activities for kids along with lot of educational learning stuffs. Kids can easily learn different things like kitchen activities, learning different shapes, numbers, learning different ideas to have fun in the free time and much more.

educational games fro kids

There have been a lot of new additions to the educational games for toddlers and preschoolers by Gameiva. Let’s have a look at the top games from which the kids can be highly benefited.

1) Preschool Educational Kitchen

Learn all the different kitchen cooking activities and play so many different games from the preschool educational kitchen by Gameiva. Start your game repairing the clock and putting all the numbers from 1-12 in the perfect series in it. Clean all the dirty vegetables and fruits and also separate the fruits from vegetables into different baskets. Match all the different food items in the kitchen to the one who produced them. Complete all such simple yet fun games and reach the next level for another round of games with more fun.

cooking games

Different Kitchen Activities in the Game:
  • Arrange all the burgers in the ascending order of their size.
  • Prepare the exact same ice cream and cake as shown in the image by yourselves.
  • Clean all the dirty food items.
  • Put all the numbers on the clock in its perfect series.
  • Play games like matching the items and letters etc.

Gameiva brings the best ever way to learn shapes for preschool kids. There are lots of different fun activities featured in this game having many different games and tasks which will help the kids to learn the different shapes very easily. Learn to use all the different shapes in various different images. Select any of the shapes and then choose any of the different activity you that you will be having in each of the different shapes. This educational game for kids will help the kids to learn the shapes in and figures very easily.

shape games
 Educational Shape Activities in the Game:
  • Select any of the different options of shapes in the main page.
  • Complete lot of different activity for each of the shapes like painting, joining the dots, adjusting the shapes etc.
  • A huge number of options of different shapes and images for you to choose from.
  • Complete all the fun levels and learn to use all the shapes in different shapes.

Let's play lots of different number games to learn the different operations with numbers like multiplication, subtraction, division and addition. But first learn to differentiate between the odd numbers and even numbers in a fun Giant Wheel number game. There are so many different fun activities in this game which will engage the kids into playing it and learning from it. Arrange the funny dancing numbers into its position to complete the level to move on to the next stage.

number games for kids
 Different Number Games & Activities:
  • Lot of different games to learn the different mathematical operations.
  • Choose the difficulty levels of hard and easy in all of the different games of mathematical operations.
  • Complete the different stages to move on to the next level.
  • Put the funny dancing letters into its correct position.

It is time to celebrate the birthday party in a totally new and fun way. Celebrate the party by lighting the cake with the exact amount of candle as the age of the birthday boy. Find the age of different animals from the number of candles on the cake. Put the lollipop into the bag with but make sure that they are put in the correct bags as their color. Learn lots of different birthday plans and also learn lot of new games that you can play in a birthday party.

birthday idea games
 Lot of Birthday Fun Activities:
  • Lot of different educational activities in the game to play with.
  • Light the candle to the cake after counting the age of the birthday boy.
  • Give the panda the balloon color which he like the most.
  • Complete lot of different educational games and activities in the game.

Board the toy train of learning and educational activities and enjoy playing lots of different games. Start your journey by building and coloring the train and gather all the gifts and put it into the train. Each bogey of the train has new activities waiting for you where you can learn different things through fun activities and games. There are dozens of bogeys which means you can play dozens of different educational games on each bogeys. Complete the first activity to move onto the next activity. Learn so many different things in this toddler learning activity game.

learning games
 Educational Activities for Toddlers:
  • Complete the drawing on different vehicles.
  • Play games like identifying the objects and separating them.
  • Arrange the vehicles from smallest to biggest.
  • Build different shapes and clock and learn to color so many different vehicles.
  • Lot of other innovative activities which the kids will surely find enjoyable to learn with.

    These educational and learning activity games will highly benefit all the kids for various different useful stuffs in life. They can also learn it in the most entertaining and fun way.
    Gameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to building user friendly games and apps related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for children. Stay with us for the latest updates of Gameiva on Google play and get more excellent apps.

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