Monday, 9 November 2015

Learn About Vehicles and Dinosaurs in this Game for Toddlers

After all the educational games for toddlers like alphabet learning, Science learning and much more it is time that kids have play some entertaining game of totally fun yet innovative category. Learn about all the different mode of travelling and also learn the names of lot of new vehicles which you probably didn't know about. After that play some amazing games with lot of different scary yet friendly dinosaurs of the Jurassic world.

educational game for kids
Lets have a look at some latest fun games which were recently added for the entertaining as well as learning purpose for the toddlers and kids and given below.

1) Preschool Vehicle For Kids

We use lot of different vehicles for many different form of traveling purposes. Like we use bike, cars and scooters for road travelling. We use aeroplanes and helicopters for travelling through Air and we use boats and ship for travelling from one place to different place through water. These were just the basics that all the toddlers must know but there are many and much more about the vehicles that you can now easily learn from this educational fun game for kids. Start the game and begin with lot of different activity through which you can learn about lot of different forms of vehicles used for many different purposes.

vehicle game
Educational Activities in the Game:
  • Play different games and learn the names of all the different vehicles.
  • Take part in the quiz game and answer the quizzes about the different vehicles.
  • Join the broken image of different vehicles together into its shadow and make them one.
  • Get you training first from the name game so that you can learn the names easily.

dinosaur games
It is time to dig out all the Jurassic animals from the soil and watch them live in action. Start your toddler archaeological activity and dig the grounds where you see the remains of dinosaur skeletons. And then match them to the list of dinosaurs that you have. Learn the names of lot of different dinosaurs. Also create your own dinosaurs by joining different body parts of it. Once you have completed you will see the giant dinosaur live in its action and roaring in its loudest form. Play lot of different games in it and live the days of Jurassic world.

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