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Top 5 Latest Fun Educational Activity Games for Toddlers

The Gameiva is yet again contributing to the educational learning games for kids with totally new collection of games with lot of totally new and unique activities for toddlers. Learn the alphabets, words, sentences and much more of educational activities from this best educational games for toddlers. These games are made specially with the perfect imagination by the kids which will help them to understand the game easily through lot of friendly characters and funny animation.

abc for kids

Lets have a look at the top and the latest educational activity games for toddlers as given below.

1) ABC 123 For Toddlers


toddler games

Lot of different funny characters are here to help all the toddlers with their educational activities and help them learn the alphabets and numbers in a totally fun and entertaining way. Start the game and choose your category of alphabets or numbers. Learn lot of new different words for each alphabets and also learn all the numbers that you need to learn through examples and funny characters for each number and alphabets also. 


2) Learning Games For Kids


educational games

Lots of totally new and innovative educational activities and games for all the kids and toddlers where they can learn many different educational things. Start the game with a fun alphabet learning game and learn all different words for each alphabet. Also test yourself after you have once learned it. Then learn the names of all the different body parts. The journey doesn't end here as you have to learn the names of all the fruits, then number games, names of vehicles and much more. Also watch animation for each word you learn in it.


3) Toddler ABC Jigsaw For Kids

Board the train of education and fun for toddlers and learn lot of new stuff in this entertaining journey of learning with fun. Play lot of different games with the animals. Complete the given pattern for the different pieces of toys, match the different toys to its perfect shadows and also play many different alphabet games for kids. You will also have to make different types of trains to start playing different games. Enjoy your journey and by the time your reach your final destination you will have learnt lot of new stuffs.

Educational activities for kids:

abc game for kids

  • Complete the sequential pattern of toys.
  • Arrange all the different toys to its shadows.
  • Play different math and alphabet games.
  • Make different train and complete different activity in each train.
  • Share this educational game with all your friends and share your education.


If you are tired of learning your ABC through simple ways then you must surely try this entertaining way of to learn all the alphabets. Enjoy playing lot of different fun educational activities for toddlers. Choose your favorite animal character and then start the fun game of learning. Learn all the numbers, alphabets, Colors through all the bubble bursting game. Also learn the names of fruits, vegetables, animals, and much more. After you have learnt you can test your skill by playing a test game after that.

Activities in the Game:

abc for toddlers

  • Lot of different educational fun games for toddlers.
  • Learn the numbers, shapes, colors and tons of different things from this game.
  • Test your knowledge after you have learnt.
  • Share this educational game with all your friends and share your knowledge.

5) Toddler Tracing With Words

Learn all the alphabets from A-Z by tracing all of them and many different words starting from those alphabets. Start the game and begin from the first Alphabet, then trace on the small letter and the capital letter. Also draw using lot of different colors of the crayon in the different images for all the alphabets. This game can help all the toddlers to learn the alphabets and many different words in a totally new and fun way.

Educational Activities in the Game:
word game for kids

  • Trace on all the alphabets to learn to write them by yourself.
  • Use many different color pencils to draw on it.
  • Learn many different words for each of the alphabets.
  • Also paint on those uncolored drawings.
  • Share this educational games with friends and have fun with the alphabets

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Download from play store, Play and Share all these educational rhyming games with your friends and have fun with the amazing fun activities. Get more educational and free fun android games for toddlers at Gameiva. These educational and learning activity games will highly benefit all the kids for various different useful stuffs in life. They can also learn it in the most entertaining and fun way.

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