Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Enjoy this Christmas Doing Lot of Fun Activities with Your Family

The Christmas is a festival of joy and love so let’s start with something simple but cheering Christmas traditions that the kids and toddlers can enjoy during the Christmas holidays. Without lightening your pockets much you can enjoy lot of indoor and outdoor activities for this Christmas which all the family members of all the ages can enjoy together.

christmas activities for kids

1) Make Christmas Houses out of Ginger bread
  • Collect some Ginger breads and craft them together to make a ginger bread houses which is an old fashioned home Christmas activity for toddlers.
  • The numbers of possibilities in making the houses are unlimited.
2) A small Christmas Holiday Tour
  • Collect all the members of your family into a fun trip and enjoy the Christmas at a totally new place away from home.
  • This can help in making this Christmas bit different from the usual ones.
activities for kids
3) Play with the snow
  • Go to a beautiful place with snowfall and enjoy this Christmas playing with the snow.
  • Make snow butterflies of each members of the family and compare the sizes.
  • Build beautiful snowman, snow angels, go for sledging, create for from snow and ice skating with your family.
4) Go for carols and attend a Christmas Concerts
  • It is fun going to carols form door to door singing and dancing with all the members of the house and cheering them up totally.
  • Also check out some Christmas events going on nearby to your house and attend an inexpensive holiday concert or any concert which are open to the public.
5) Prepare some Christmas special Food
  • There is nothing as good as a Hot Chocolate Buffet. Prepare some hot chocolates in a mug and be ready for the season by adding some crushed candies, shaved chocolates, Choco chips and Marshmallows into it.
  • Get creative and bake some delicious Christmas Cookies and cakes for the kids and toddlers.
  • Finally the Christmas movies are compulsory. Make popcorns and cranberry Garlands for a fun movie night with your entire family. Make an entire movie list that you want to watch for the Christmas.
Have lot of fun this Christmas with your family and enjoy doing all these fun activities. You can also play some amazing Christmas special games for kids and toddlers by Gameiva featuring lot of different innovative activities for the Christmas.

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