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Learn Math and Science with Fun in these Educational Games for Toddlers

Do you find it boring while learning math and science?? Well it’s no longer going to be boring while learning maths and science as Gameiva brings you some special games which will teach you all the topics of maths and science while playing some fun games and activities. Enjoy while learning through these fun educational games for kids featuring lot of different entertaining activities.

math game for kids
Below given are few of the educational toddler games featuring tons of different fun math and science activities.

1) Math Activities for Toddlers

The math activity for toddlers is a collection of so many different activities and games for math which will very much help all the kids to learn lot of totally new operations in the math. Kids won't need to refer to the boring textbooks which have very difficult language for math. Learn many different operations like subtractions, additions, division, mixed operations, fractions, etc. Play different fun games to check your memory and mathematical skills and check your score every time.

educational game for kids
Mathematical Activities in the Game:
  • Complete all the different mathematical operations and make sure you score maximum points.
  • Do different operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, mixed operations and much more.
  • Play different fun games and memory games which will all benefit you very much.
  • Learn math with lot of fun in this educational game for kids.

2) Math Puzzles for Toddlers

Experience the best way to learn math in this fun educational math game for kids and toddlers. Start the game and choose any of the different operation that you want to learn first. Start from the first chapter and learn all the basics of each and every operation. Earn maximum points in the given time and move on to the next chapter. You will easily be a professional in using those operations by the time you reach the final chapter. Play the game again and again to improve your mathematical skills.

game for kids
Educational Activities in the Game:
  • Lot of different operations like Addition, Subtractions, different equations, statistics and much much more.
  • Start from the chapter and complete each chapter from the beginning.
  • Learn from the basics of each operation and improve your skills with each chapter.
  • Complete each chapter within the time limit.

3) Christmas Science Experiments

Christmas holiday season is all about spending time with your kids. So, why not try some fun experiment in this time? Gameiva brings you a complete set of science experiments with a lot of different and innovative scientific activities like convert a steel coin into a copper coin and much more that kids can perform at home. These experiments are all fun and easy that your kids can follow easily. This game is helpful for all the kids allowing them to learn science concepts in a fun way.

science game for kids

Science Activities in the Game:
  • Lots of different science experiments
  • Lots of different types of equipment used for experiments
  • Each experiment is easy to understand and perform
  • Perform different experiment with guidance
  • You can easily do any of these experiments at home

4) Christmas Science Activity

Its winter time and there are lot of special experiments that you can perform at the time of Christmas. Gameiva brings you a perfect game that can help you with lot of educational science activities that you can easily learn and perform them by yourself at your home. Practice these activities by yourself once in the game with perfect guidance and using all the different apparatus and tools that you can easily afford by yourself at your home. Complete the activities by yourself and learn the conclusion of the experiment at the end.

science activities for kids

Activities in the Game:
  • So many different Christmas special experiments.
  • Do the experiments as per the guidance given in the Game.
  • All the Experiments are very easy to understand and perform.
  • Share all these experiments with your friends and share your knowledge with them.

These latest fun learning games for kids can help them learn the basic educational stuffs in life with lots of fun and learning activities. Download from play store, Play and Share all these amazing science and math learning games for kids with all your friends. Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva. Share all these fun activity games with your friends and enjoy your time with them.

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