Friday, 29 January 2016

Enjoy this Summer with these Simple Innovative Activities for Kids

A vacation at the time of summer is necessary for the students to remove all the stress and burden from their head. The students first need to understand that the learning and educational activities can be as enjoyable as playing and other entertaining activities. Having fun while learning can help the kids with an effective knowledge which can increase their love for studying throughout their life. We have made a list of fun activities which will cover all the things that a preschooler needs to learn at their age like reading activities, art, craft learning and much more. Sharpen your existing skills with these educational activities.

indoor activities for kids
1) Prepare some beautiful Calendars
  • Collect all your drawing apparatus like pencils, drawing papers, a ruler to decorate and to create your own calendar.
  • Fill special colors into all the special days in your calendar.

2) Create a Cartoon flip book

  • Stick together lot of pieces of paper or take a book and make a cartoon flip book in it.
  • Draw a sequence of cartoon in it in all the pages and watch them in a live action by simulating them in motion by flipping through the pages.
  • Take the sequence of drawing at the bottom of the stack of page as it will be easier to flip through it.
3) Do Research on different events activities
  • Search for all the activities that you can do in your area and make a plan to execute it.
  • It can include many things like having a pajama party at your home with friends, cake making, and much more. But be sure to decide an affordable cost before you start.
  • Click all the images of the activities you do create a special collage or a scrapbook with all of them.
4) Enjoy Catching Butterflies and Fireflies

  • Take a small basket and go to the place where you will find lot of fireflies and butterflies.
  • Collect lot of them in a jar carefully and be sure that you don’t hurt them.
  • Collect huge number of them together at an empty place and release them from it into the nature and watch the beautiful sight of them flying together.
5) Play math game with kids
  • Get all the kids to play some math game and record all of their scores and compare. This will motivate the kids to try to perform better in the next round and also have fun with the game.
  • Do different math activities and create a graph of the performance and watch the improvement in them with each level.
  • Celebrate the effort made by the kids with a special treat at the end.
6) Learn to cook
  • Parents must participate in helping the kids to learn to cook with the step by step procedure on adding the recipes.
  • You can also take the reference from various cooking sites and by watching videos where you can get all the information like proper measurement of the ingredients to be added, safety tips, suggestions and much more.
  • Learning to cook is a very innovative and beneficial for kids.

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