Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Enjoy Playing Variety of Hidden Objects Game for Kids by Gameiva

Are you good at finding objects which are hidden at a messy place? If "Yes" then test your skills at finding them and if "Not" then you must surely improve the skill of finding hidden objects at different places. Gameiva brings some super hidden objects fun games for all the kids and toddlers having lots of different levels and lots of fun. Below given are few of the top spotting the hidden object game by Gameiva featuring tons of different levels and entertainment.

zoo hidden objects
 1) Hidden Object Crime Scene 

The crime has reached new heights now as a responsible and a brave police officer and an investigator you have to start working really quick on all the cases. There are so many different stories and reasons of the crime. Find it out from all the different clues in the game and reach the criminal through all the clues he accidentally left behind. Pick out all the different suspicious objects from each crime scene and bring them to the testing lab for further testing of it. Solve all the mysteries and find out the criminal.

hidden object game
Activities in the Game:
  • Lots of different criminal cases to be solved each having lot of different crime scenes.
  • Find the mobile number and the name of the criminal from the crime scene using the clues available there.
  • Find out and collect all the hidden suspicious objects in each scene.
  • You will have to do it as fast as possible as you don’t have enough time.

2) Circus Hidden Objects Fun

spot the difference

The circus is about to begin and before that you have to complete lot of different tasks at different places of the biggest circus show happening in the town. There are 10 different scenes and each scene have lot levels in it having many different activities. Start the game and complete the mission given to you at each level. At some levels you will also have to use the grid to view the objects because they might be invisible to eyes.


3) Zoo Hidden Object for Kids

game for kids

There are lots of different objects hidden at the zoo having lot of animals and birds in it. Find them all in different levels having lot of different animals. Complete the level before the time gets over by finding all the items given in the list. Use lot of different power ups in between the game like magnet, zap the time to pause for a moment and give you some more time to think, you can also use few more seconds of time when it is about to be finished and much more. Also skip any level if you find it too difficult to solve it.

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