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Play & Take Care of Your Pet in These Games for Kids by Gameiva

Everyone loves playing with their pets, especially the kids. Gameiva brings you the cutest pets for kids with whom the kids can play all variety of fun games with them. Enjoy playing tonnes of different games with them, taking care of all their needs and doing many different fun activities with them. Let’s have a look at few of the best and most addictive pet games for kids and toddlers that Gameiva has for them in the list given below.

games for kids

1) Kitty and Puppy Pet Care

pet care salon game

Do you love to have pets? Everyone does as they are the best companions that one can have. Choose your favorite pet character from this game by Gameiva and start all the different pet take care activities. Bath the pet and clean his body with the soap, shampoo and the scrubber. Play with different bath tub toys while bathing the kitty or the puppy. Wipe out all the water from his body using the towel and use the dryer to dry them off. Do tonnes of other different innovative activities and enjoy an entire day playing and taking care of your cute little pet.

2) Kitty Care and Salon

Playing with small cute kittens is a very amazing experience. And especially the kids will love playing with the kittens and playing many different activities and games. And for all those children Gameiva brings them an adorable kitty take care game where they can play and take care of their cat. Kids can perform lot of fun activities like bathing the kitten, cleaning the injury, dressing her up, getting her to sleep etc.

salon game for kids
 Activities in the Game:
  • This game will give all the kids a feeling of having a cute kitten as per at home.
  • Do lot of different activities and play with the kitten.
  • Play a number of different levels related to fun and education with the kitten.
  • Feed the kitten, give him a clean bath and also dress him up to look cute and handsome.

3) Kitty Take Care New Born Baby

The cats love for her little ones is really an adorable view. Here the pet mom cat has given birth to a very cute kitten now she has to take all the necessary care for her kitten. Help the mom cat to take care of the new born kitty to keep the baby healthy and safe. You must follow all the prescribed tasks with the given steps to complete the total care of the kitten. Bath, feed, and dress up the adorable kitten and have fun with this lovable game for kids.

baby game for kids

Activities in the Game:
  • Complete various tasks like feeding, cleaning, packing the bags for a picnic.
  • Give the kitten best medical treatment to keep her safe and healthy.
  • Feed the kitten with delicious foods like cake and fruits.
  • Bath the little baby cat to keep her clean

4) My Kitty Tea Party

Let's have fun by this Kitty Tea Party. Let us host this Kitty Tea Party by Gameiva. Start preparing invitation cards for little kitties friends then wrap return gifts for them. After that assist kitty to prepare tea and make all preparation for tea. After completing all preparation help them to choose best suitable dress up for party. At last arrange great table for them and share their memory with friends.

kitty care game

Activities in the Game:

  • Complete all task and host this party
  • Craft beautiful invitation cards for kitty friends
  • Choose best clothes for kitty from wardrobe
  • Arrange full party & share sweet memories to your mini world

5) Crazy Cat Makeover

The cute cat had been very dirty throughout the day so it is time to do a makeup for crazy clean makeover for the cat. Do all the different tasks required for a makeup activity by cleaning her hair, putting shampoo on it, removing the germs, bating etc. And finally get the cat ready with a beautiful hair and a smile on her face. Also kids can play some funny cat painting with lots of colors and tools including stickers.

kids game
 Activities in the Game:
  • Many different types of beautiful hair designs for cat.
  • Use many different make up materials for the makeover.
  • Clean the cat first and kill all the germs on her body.
  • Cut her nails with the nail cutter tie a beautiful band on her neck.

We at Gameiva bring you the most loved creations for variety of categories for games and apps which the kids hugely love. We entirely concentrate on building user friendly games and apps totally related to fun and learning activities for a better educational familiarity and enjoyment for kids. Mail or contact the team behind these games anytime at

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