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Latest Adventure and Vacation Fun Games for Kids by Gameiva

The summer is here and it is the best time of the year to have a fun vacation with family or friends. Even a trip from school with all the class mates to a fun place can be a perfect thing to do in the summer vacations. Gameiva brings a collection of all the fun activities and games that kids can do to enjoy this summer vacation. Plan an adventure with your family, or enjoy a trip to a beautiful place with your friends or even have fun with much more entertaining ideas from these top games.

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Below given are few of the top adventure and summer fun vacation games by Gameiva for all kids and toddlers.
1) Kids Adventure Camp

It is time for a crazy and an adventurous camping for kids. Let's start the camp with some amazing activities and games with lot of different challenging tasks and adventures. Prepare your tent at a beautiful location where you can have a good view of all the animals so that you can take a pic and save it to the gallery. Play different games like dart game, catching the butterflies, firing the camp aiming and shooting the discs etc. go for a daring joyride on a fast boat where you have to look out for the stones and stay away from it. So pack up your bags and get ready for an amazing adventure of life time with kid’s adventure camp.

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Summer Fun Activities:   
  • Follow all the camping rules so that you remain safe from danger.
  • Play various different games with your friends during the camp.
  • Look carefully and find all your favorite animals hidden amongst the bushes and trees.

2) Kids Summer Time

Summer is the best time to party hard and go for a picnic with friends. Gameiva brings a perfect summer fun game for you and all your friends to have an amazing time this summer and enjoy it to the fullest. Begin your summer by shopping and purchasing all the necessary stuffs for the activities ahead. Visit the nail salon and clean your nails and make them much more beautiful. After the nail salon visit the hair salon and make your hair shine. Have tasty fast-food with your friends and go for a horse ride with them.

summer games
Summer Time Activities:
  • Go for shopping and purchase the clothes, swimwear and all the necessary items for the summer.
  • Enjoy the salon activities at the nail and the hair salon with your friends.
  • Have your tasty lunch by eating some tasty hot dogs and a sweet ice cream.
  • Visit the stable and do all the caring activities for the horse.

3) School Trip Fun for Kids

school games for kids

School life it the best time for all the kids and toddlers with all the friends and lot of interesting new things to learn. This game will help you to enjoy the school life with lot of new friends and many new things that you could learn by yourself. Start your day by waking up early in the morning and brushing your teeth. You will have to brush properly so that the tooth becomes totally clean. Then it is time for a quick bath in the bath tub and then pack your food. Be fast so that you don’t miss your bus and be in school on time. Enjoy your day learning lots of new educational lessons in the school.

4) Family Adventure Vacation


The exams are over and now it is time to relieve ourselves from all the tensions and go for an adventurous vacation with your family. Start the vacation with a cool resort in a huge swimming pool. Play with the tube and ball in the swimming pool. Help the room service lady to clean the room and change all the sheets and carpets in the room. Then dress yourself up with the scuba diving suits and play lot of games in the swimming pool. Check in to a luxurious hotel and don’t forget to collect the hotel keys. Complete all the different fun and entertaining activities in the game and enjoy your amazing vacation.

family game for kids
Activities in the game: 
  • Clean up the swimming pool, unfurl the umbrella and enjoy the sun at the swimming pool.
  • Help the room service women to choose the best dress for the day.
  • Clean your room and change all the sheets and mattresses in there.
  • Wear your swim suit and go for a fun swimming and games in the swimming pool.

5) Kids Supermarket Shopping Game

We all go to the shopping supermarket to buy various different necessary things needed in our day to day life. But have you ever imagined about the different kind of works and activities done in a supermarket? If yes then Gameiva brings you a perfect supermarket fun game for all the kids to learn all the different activities in the supermarket done by all the workers. Do many tasks like removing all the unwanted vegetables and fruits in the grocery department and exchange it with new and fresh ones. Help the customers purchase their items as given in the list and guide them to their wanted items. Count the price for all the purchase made by the customers in the counter with your computer. Move forward with each activities and do lot of different fun activities in the Supermarket.

shopping game for kids

 Activities in the Game:
  • Put all the different items in their perfect places in the stores.
  • Serve some tasty snacks to all the shoppers in the food zone.
  • Clean the store room and remove all the unwanted items in there.
  • Play lot of brain games in the shopping mall.

These latest fun adventure and vacation games for kids can help them learn and have fun with their life with so many different ideas to do in free time and vacations.. Download from play store, Play and Share all these amazing vacation and adventure games for kids with all your friends. Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva. Share all these fun activity games with your friends and enjoy your time with them. 

Gameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to building user friendly games and apps related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for children. Stay with us for the latest updates of Gameiva on Google play and get more excellent apps.

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