Friday, 18 March 2016

Improve Your Math Skills by Following these Fun Activities

There are many games and app especially for kids and toddlers that can help in improving the memory of the kids, math skills and also in improving their thinking ability. Some apps like science games, math games, alphabet games, brain games etc. can put the kids into exercising their brain and developing the area of the brain that manage the memory capacity. There is math in everything like in checking the balance in your account, buying any stuff you like, measuring the distance, checking the time and almost all of activities that you do every day which is why it is necessary that you improve your mathematical abilities.

educatioal activities for kids

Real world academic activities can enhance the memory and math skills of the kids. Integrating with the following tips and strategies can help in getting the kids really excited and increase their love towards learning math.

1) Improve Problem Solving Skills
  • The visualization skill is an important part of the high order math skills for the school going kids.
  • Kids can visualize something that they have seen in their mind and ask them to represent it in any form of what they have heard or read.
  • Also ask them to create a picture in their mind and draw it in a piece of paper.
  • This will help the kids in developing the mental ability of creating a perfect image in their mind and be more specific in imagining and remembering things like shapes, numbers, sizes, color, mood, movements, etc.
2) Be a motivation for the kids
  • Kids should be motivated on to studying math by explaining its benefits. When you communicate with the children about how you disliked math as a child it will just create a negative thought towards math.
  • Play various different types of fun games with the kids, which involve calculation and some mathematics skill to win with the kids.
  • Explain the importance of math in all the different professions.
3) Play Math Games
  • Involve playing math games at your home with the kids.
  • Read books where the main characters in it solve problems using logic and math.
  • Kids will enjoy playing games like chess, checkers, Yahtzee, dominoes etc. which will also improve their mental activities.
4) Make them Familiar with the Learning Standards
  • Know what your child is learning at school so that you can easily accompany them with their mathematical activities at home.
  • Encourage them to learn different mathematical skills for about an hour in a day at home.
  • Help the kids with their homework by setting aside a time for it every day.
  • The confidence and the skills in the child will increase every day with constant and daily practice along with your support and encouragement in it.
5) Practice Daily and Improve Yourself 
  • Practice repeatedly which will reduce the strain on the mind and improve the working memory capacity.
  • Help them regain the focus on the activity they are doing by giving short breaks in between their assigned mathematical tasks.
  • Allow them to play some math games on mobile phones during their free time or while taking rest.
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