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Perform and Learn All the Different Science Experiments for Kids

All kids have different kinds of science experiments in different subjects at school. But learning them all from books will be very much boring and performing them live can be dangerous sometimes and should not be performed without parental guidance. But now Gameiva brings you some amazing science experiment games for all the kids to help them learn science in a totally new way.

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Perform all types of science experiments by yourself and learn the conclusions by completing each of them successfully. Below given are some hugely loved science games for all the kids by Gameiva.

1) Kid Science Amazing Experiment

Do you have ever tried to make an electric motor car & an oven with pizza box at home? If no, then let's give it a try with this Kids Science Amazing Experiment by Gameiva that gives you full of interesting science experiments that are a great way for kids to enjoy the world of Science. Here you can learn interesting science facts by experiment with different materials that react in surprising ways. You'll find lots of science activities that can be done using simple materials found around your house.

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Science Activities in the Game:
  • Tons of different science experiments.
  • All experiment is really very easy to perform and understand.
  • You will be guided for each and every step.
  • A clear, simple and engaging interface so that children learn with fun.
  • Speech combination option to help users in reading and text comprehension.

2) Science Experiments with Water

For all those kids who love accepting difficult tasks and challenges Gameiva brings you a complete set of science experiments with water that you can perform at school or right at home. These experiments are made easy to understand for all the kids by perfect animations with theoretical explanations which will help them to get a better conclusions and knowledge. This app will be beneficial for all the kids allowing them to learn new concepts with lots of fun.

science games
Science Activities in the Game:
  • You can perform a number of different experiments with water.
  • Kids can perform the experiments with a nicely given assistance.
  • Lots of different apparatus used for experiments which you can easily manage for yourself.
  • Learn the motive of the experiments from the conclusions.

3) Science Experiment for Kids

Have you ever wondered why a candle burns for a longer time when kept inside a bigger glass in comparison to a candle that is kept in a smaller glass? Or ever imagined that you can light a bulb with the help of two candles? Well even though that seems remotely possible it is pretty easy to perform either of those experiments. The Fun Kids Experiments is a hub of best and newest science experiments that you can easily perform for your school projects or even at home for fun.

experiments for kids
Science Activities in the Game:
  • A number of different experiments on various objects.
  • All the experiments are very easy to understand and perform anywhere.
  • You can easily manage all the apparatus used for all the experiments.
  • A lot of animations, images and design makes these experiments more interesting and fun to perform.

4) Science Experiment with Balloon 

We use balloons for parties and various other fun activities but are you familiar with these amazing science and facts about these balloons? The amazing science experiments with balloons will be a perfect platform for all the kids and even grownups to learn the best scientific and unknown facts of balloons. These experiments are easy to follow and understand with very good animations and guidance. Enjoy this app with lot of learning and fun.

balloon science games
Science Activities in the Game:
  • You can perform a variety of different experiments with balloons.
  • Kids can perform the experiments with a nicely given assistance.
  • Lots of different apparatus used for experiments which you can easily manage for yourself.
  • Learn the motive of the experiments from the conclusions and increase your knowledge.

5) Easy Science Experiment Fair

Let's learn some new scientific experiments. Science experiments fair by Gameiva is equipped with a lot of different and innovative scientific experiments and stuffs that kids can play to get lot of scientific knowledge and learning. The experiments are really fun filled and easy to be performed by small children and the apparatus are also easy to find. Let your kids teach themselves a lot of totally new scientific stuffs and experiments with this amazing science game.

science fair
Science Activities in the Game:
  • Lot of totally new science experiments totally different from the previous ones.
  • The list of apparatus used will be shown before beginning the experiments to give you an idea.
  • Experiments are done with simple materials used in day to day life.
  • Experiments like finding the basic and acidic of different liquid, straw getting electrically charged etc. and many more are added in this game.

These fun science experiment games for kids can help them learn the basic practical science. Download from play store, Play and Share all these amazing science and math learning games for kids with all your friends. Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva on Google play. Share all these fun activity games with your friends and enjoy your time with them.

We at Gameiva bring you the most loved creations for variety of categories for games and apps which the kids hugely love. We entirely concentrate on building user friendly games and apps totally related to fun and learning activities for a better educational familiarity and enjoyment for kids. Mail or contact the team behind these games anytime at

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