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Top 4 Innovative Alphabet Learning Games for Kids by Gameiva

Learning alphabets can be at times very much tiring and boring for the preschoolers but they must not ignore it as learning alphabets is very important to the preschoolers. And now for all those kids Gameiva brings you some amazing collection of alphabet games where the kids and toddlers can learn the alphabets while playing some amazing fun games.

alphabet learning game
Below given are few of the top animated alphabets learning games for kids featuring lots of different activities.

1) Learning ABC with Fun for Kids

Let's learn all the alphabets in a totally new way in this fun learning game for kids. Learn to write all the alphabets and then paint different colors on them. Add lots of funny stickers into it to give them a funny look. Learn all the different words that start with those alphabets and play mini animation game on each of the words. Also learn to draw all the small letters from a-z. Use all the fun features in this game and have fun with learning.

learning games
Activities in the Game:
  • Learn all the different alphabets of capital and small letters from A-Z.
  • Draw many different colors on them to give it a beautiful look.
  • Add many different stickers and faces into it to give it a funny look.
  • Play lot of mini games for each word of the alphabets.

2) Preschool Kids ABC & Numbers

Learn all the alphabets and numbers together for kids and toddlers from this fun educational game featuring lot of different activities. There are tons of different levels in the game and there are so many things to learn in each of the levels. Learn lot of different words for each of the alphabets and there will be lot of different animated characters to make you understand the words easily. Learn all the numbers from the number games and complete the innovative tasks in it.

learn alphabets

Activities in the Game:
  • Lots of different levels in the game.
  • Learn the alphabets and numbers through different fun activities.
  • The voice combination will help the kids to grasp each of the words easily.

3) Fruit & Veg Alphabets for Kids

Learn all the names of different fruits and vegetables that we see in our day to day lives through this fun educational learning game for kids by Gameiva. Enjoy various different activities like solving and fixing the puzzles of different fruits and vegetables, Learning the names in alphabetical order and also learning to write them in a writing pad using different writing materials. Complete each level and move on to the next level to learn all the names of fruits and veggies. 

games for toddlers

Activities in the Game:

  • Lot of different fun and entertaining game.
  • Sharpen your brain by playing the fun puzzle game in it.
  • Also learn the spelling of all the fruits and veggies.

4) Kids ABC Numbers Popup Book

Have you studied from a popup book where lot of different characters like animals, birds, fishes and many more come out of the book into the 3D world with a small story with it. Gameiva brings an exact 3D educational alphabet learning game for kids where at each page an alphabet will pop out and also an animated funny character with it for each alphabet. Enjoy learning the alphabets and words in a totally new way this latest ABC learning game for toddlers.

alphabet learning game

Activities in the Game:

  • Learn all the numbers in the popup learning book.
  • The friendly voice combination with it will help you understand the words easily.
  • Learn lot of different words for each of the alphabet.

Gameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to building user friendly games and apps related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for children. Stay with us for the latest updates of Gameiva on Google play and get more excellent apps.

These latest fun learning games for kids can help them learn the basic educational stuffs in life with lots of fun and learning activities. Download from play store, Play and Share all these amazing science and math learning games for kids with all your friends. Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva. Share all these fun activity games with your friends and enjoy your time with them.

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