Saturday, 9 April 2016

4 Fun Activities That you Can Enjoy Playing with Your Pets

Everyone especially kids love pets like dogs and cats and enjoy a lot playing with them. Let’s have a look at some innovative piece of games and activities that you can enjoy with your pet dog.

pet activities for kids

1) Get your Dog Ready to go Outside:
  • Feed some light snack before taking your dog outside to play with.
  • Plan your game and activity during the day time.
  • Let your dog rest as much as he wants before going out.
2) Pack up all the Toys, Food and Plan an Area to Play
  • You can purchase some dog toys from pet shops or even order online. You can also use any house hold items as a toy like a plastic lid of a box to play boomerang with the dog.
  • Find an amazing and open place having huge play area where you and the dog can play and enjoy as much as you want with no one to stop you.
3) Have all the Materials Ready before Going
  • Take a muzzle with you when you are taking your dog for a walk.
  • Bring some toys for the dog with which you both can play.
  • Carry some dog food and water which will be necessary for the dog after playing for some time.
4) Start with the Game of Fetch
  • Play fetching game by throwing a Frisbee, a ball or a stick to a short distance and teach the dog to pick it up.
  • Allow the dog to roam through the area and also walk with him which will help the dog to ease and learn the surrounding.
  • You can also play a game of tug of war with the dog using a stock or a rope, this game works much good on the dogs who have very good grip on their jaws.
  • Run with your dog and chase him for a while. Keep in mind that small dogs cannot run as fast as the big dog can so don’t take it as a race and just run along with the dog as far as possible.
There are tons of different fun activities that you play with your pet whether indoor or even outdoor. Gameiva has a collection of such pet activities and games for kids which they can play and have the feel of playing with a real pet in their house.

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