Thursday, 12 May 2016

Be the Owner of Your Own Salon and Create Your Own Makeover Styles

Girls love to do different makeover at the salon or even in their houses to make themselves the most beautiful person in the crowd. Why not be an owner of your own salon and do makeover for the beautiful girls all around the world. Use all your makeover skills for different people like celebrities, super start, princesses from all around the world. Use all the latest makeover tools like the hair curling and straightening machine, pimple remover, hair washer, and much more amazing machines and tools.

game for girls
Use them all carefully and make the girls the most beautiful women you have ever seen.

1) Princess Wedding Flower Girl

princess makeover games
It is the wedding of princess and little girl Emily has tons of different work to complete before the wedding ceremony begins. Start the day by helping Emily to plant some beautiful plants in the garden. Help the groom and the bride to get ready for the wedding and also choose the best hairstyle and matching outfit for them. Help the beautiful girls with their makeover activities and make a beautiful diamond locket for her. Also complete some beautiful hair design for the girls. Arrange all the plants and flowers that you had planted in its perfect order at the garden. Decorate a beautiful cake and a flower bouquet for the wedding.

2) Super Star Fashion Awards

fashion game
Help the beautiful model who is on her journey to win the beauty contest and become a supermodel. Start with a relaxing back massage and use the different types of massaging oil and creams. Give her a beautiful hair wash and make it look beautiful, soft and smooth. Choose from amazing different hair styles for her and also color her hair with many different varieties of hair colors. Make her face glow like a moon at your face makeover salon and also change the color of her eyebrows. Finally after completing all the activities take part in the beauty contest and win the contest to become a superstar.

3) Princess Dream Wedding Salon

wedding salon game
The princess has to go for a date with the prince of a foreign country and she needs a complete makeover at your salon. Help her to look perfectly beautiful for the date with all your skills in the makeovers. Give a complete hair wash and make it totally smooth and silky. Then start with the face wash and you have to make sure that you remove all the pimples from her face using the pimple remover and also the dark marks using the different cosmetic creams. Give some stunning hair design for her hair which will give her a totally royal princess look. Make a beautiful wedding ring by yourself and decorate it with a shining diamond.

4) Magic Kingdom Queen Makeover

makeover game
The princess has reached a fairy land of magic while she was following a rabbit. She is on an adventurous journey in the magical land and she comes across lots of beautiful sightings in there. Travel with her and have fun with lot of different amazing makeover activities in the wonderland. Enjoy playing in the swimming pool and decorate the swimming pool with beautiful and colorful flowers. Dress up your hair with the most beautiful style and choose the best and the most attractive magical dress for you. Finally choose a partner to take a photo with you.

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