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Learn Some Important Stuff that You will Never Find in Books

There are many things that the kids won’t find in their school books to learn and which are also important in our life. We have made a collection of all those activities that a kid must learn in their childhood that they won’t find in any books or magazines into a series of super fun games that they can enjoy to the fullest while playing it. Learn lot of amazing things like the different functionalities of a human body, learning to read, lot of entertaining games and much more.

learning game for kids

Below given are few of the top kid’s game that they can enjoy to the fullest while playing and also learn some amazing things from it.

1) Kids Magic Finger Fun

kids fun game

A totally new game for kids by Gameiva featuring amazing fun and learning activities. Now create a beautiful world of animals and birds from your own finger print and play lot of games with them. Create a world of bugs like ants, grasshopper, spiders and much more from your finger prints and play with them. Make grapes from your finger prints and then collect them all by plucking them. Create your own musical band and then help the peacock to grow beautiful long feathers around its back so that he can attract the beautiful peahens. 

2) Kids Educational Reader

educational game for kids

Kids Educational Reader is a new way of learning words. In this game, not only kids but also others learn words with images and live example. It helps all the users to learn spellings faster and pronounce them in the correct format. Select your favorite image and touch the letters in correct order to form the word and become a successful reader is to read with him or her. This activity reads words aloud to your child. It offers fun animated example and sentences with those words to enhance the learning experience. Increase your ability to recognize and memorize new English words.

3) Learning Human Body Part - 2

game for kids
In the previous game of learning human body we learnt lot of innovative things like how the human brain works on its own and gives order to all the different parts of our body. This time we are going to learn about all the other internal and external parts of the body that work together to make a human body function properly. Learn about all the different skeletal systems and muscles of our body and learn how the lungs make our respiratory system function properly. Learn in depth about all the body parts and also read some amazing unknown facts about them.

4) Kids Playful Emotional Growth

kids game
There are lots of animal kids who are totally unhappy about certain things going on in their lives right now. All the animal kids are having different problems and they are crying really hard. Be their little friend and make them stop crying by playing different games and activities with them. Make the little penguin laugh by playing with the bubbles and playing fun actions in front of him. Play with the little kitten and also go to the farm to pluck all the carrots from the field. That way he might feel bit relieved. Play with all the other animals and make them all happy again.

5) Travel Safety Tips for Toddler

safety learning game

Learning about safety must be very important for all the kids and they must learn it at their childhood itself. Safety tips and learning will help all the kids to take care of themselves in any kind of dangerous situations. Travel safety for kids is a perfect game where the fun activities will teach them all the different safety measures that they need to take in their day to day life when they are alone. Learn to cross the road at the right time when the vehicles are at stop, choose the correct items from the shopping mall, Help the lost kid to get to his parents, and tons of different fun activities in this game.

6) My Sweet Baby Dream House

The baby's dream is filled with the most fun activities in the world where they can enjoy to their fullest without any limits. Catch some fishes at the icy South Pole with your fishing rod and also make a beautiful igloo. Make a greenhouse effect room for the plants and water all the plants. Grow different types of fruits, vegetables and flowers and collect them all. Build a beautiful house with the help of the ground hog and then paint the house with different colors. Also make a wooden house and a hut by yourself. Design some beautiful wagon for the horse. Enjoy tons of other activities in this sweet baby dream.

These latest fun learning games for kids can help them learn the basic educational stuffs in life with lots of fun and learning activities. Download from play store, Play and Share all these amazing science and math learning games for kids with all your friends. Get more educational and free fun android games for kids at Gameiva. Share all these fun activity games with your friends and enjoy your time with them.

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