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Have the Best Learning Experience From These Two Amazing Story Games

 Best Stroty games from gameiva

Story games are the best learning experience for the kids and why it should not be kids love to listen to various stories during the day time or before going to sleep and that is why story games be the best learning experience for all the kids out there. Here’s GameIva brings two the most amazing games to help kids to learn as much as they can in their respective life. GameIva is a game development company and develops various kinds of games for the kids and here we bring these two amazing games for the kids to make their learning experience even more special. So these two best story games from gameiva are Little Puppy Bedtime Story & the other one is Little Chipmunk Bedtime Story and the description for those two games is shown below.

1) LittlePuppy Bedtime Story: 
 Little Puppy Bedtime Story

Play this amazing game called Little Puppy Bedtime Story where the Puppy gets out for the first time in its life with a view to exploring the world. Let the puppy complete its breakfast and then tap on the next button to start the story. After starting the day out little puppy spots beach ball and starts playing with that ball. A little later baby Puppy spots a butterfly and starts running after it. And then a monkey comes its way and scares it, but in the end, Puppy finds new friends in the form of crabs and starfish while roaming on the beach. And soon it is evening and the day out is finally over.

Little Puppy Bedtime Story
- Experience game for extraordinary graphics

- Meet animals while exploring the world

- Various characters

- Amazing design

- Animated Characters

2) LittleChipmunk Bedtime Story:                                                                        

 Little Chipmunk Bedtime Story

It's a sunny day; a mother squirrel comes out of the tree and see who's following her? It's her cute little baby. With the winter arriving soon the mother and her baby will have to find enough Food which last until the winter ends. The little baby instantly starts searching for the food and climbs the tree to search food. Suddenly the baby squirrel finds an acorn and places it into the hole. At the end, the proud moment comes for the mother squirrel as she finds out that her baby has done so much work today.

Little Chipmunk Bedtime Story

   - Enjoy story of squirrel and her baby
   - Game having extraordinary design
   - Get inspired by a little baby squirrel
   - Attractive sound

   - Amazing Graphic

So above was all for these two amazing games from GameIva. Do share your thoughts in the same and still you are having any kind of query, then please connect with us via email or just visit our website.

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