Monday, 20 February 2017

Learn Household & Makeover Activities with these Top Puppy Games

Who in this world doesn’t love puppies? And it gets the most entertaining while seeing them perform various activities. GameIva presents the interesting series of various puppy games where little puppies perform different household activities, prepare food items, clean the swimming pool, and buy items from the shopping mall and much more. So let’s begin with the top five best featured games from GameIva.

 Top puppy games from gameiva

1) My Sweet Baby Puppy DayCare:

My sweet baby puppy daycareHave you ever wondered how difficult it is for anyone to do the household things? If no, then please play this game and experience different household activities. In this game first, you will be in the washing machine view where you need to wash clothes using powder, color and much more. Then go to the iron view and iron clothes carefully. Puppy is looking very dirty so please help it to get clean by using soap, shampoo and giving a shower and then dry off the puppy with dryer and a cloth. And at the end please give Puppy his favourite toys while it is taking a bath in the swimming pool.

2) Baby Puppy School Trip:

Baby Puppy School Trip
School life is the best time of our life, we get to learn many new things during this phase of our life. From this game revisit your school days and relive your school memories. Start your day by waking up early and brushing your teeth and feeling fresh. After that, take an amazing bath using soap, shampoo and then apply dryer and much more. And then don't forget to pack your lunch box with some delicious snacks. Then get into the school bus and now it's time to go on the trip and perform many other activities which you used to perform during school.

3) Baby Puppy Super Market:

Baby Puppy Super Market
Welcome to the puppy supermarket where you will get to buy almost everything what you have been imagining. First of all take the basket and choose healthy vegetables. In the second view put various items at their correct places where they actually belong. In the third view serve your hungry customers delicious food items and make them happy. After that, you will be performing some cleaning tasks where you need to wash the floor. Then comes the cake shop where you will have many options from which you need to select your favourite cake. And at the end choose an amazing dress up for puppy and give him an attractive look.

4) Christmas My Puppy Nail Spa:

Christmas My Puppy Nail Spa
Because of playing outside our Puppy has got dirty and it needs to be treated nicely so for that reason, if you are willing to help our little puppy then please follow the instructions. Firstly, you need to select the character to go further in the game and select either spa or make up view. In the Spa view you will be given medical help to Puppy and performing many activities like cleaning, cutting nails, and much more. The second view is makeup view where you well be applying nail paint, design, stickers and don't forget to make your nails glossy. At the end do a painting with the Puppy, take photos and save them to your gallery.

5) Baby Puppy Swimming Pool Party:

Baby Pupppy Swimming Pool Party
Welcome to the very cool swimming pool party where you will be able to experience all the various activities. For the party happening tonight, so let's clean and repair the swimming pool by removing garbage from it and don't forget to design and decorate the swimming pool. There is also a spa view where you will be applying soup, cream & much more after that choose a perfect dress for the puppy which will increase puppy's beauty at the party. Here we added lost and found view for you that make a game more interesting.

6) Superstar Puppy Fashion Awards:

Superstar Puppy Fashion Awards
Do you feel you have a good fashion sense? If yes, then you are at the perfect place, play this amazing game and express your fashion skills here. Start this amazing game with a spa treatment and help it to make the skin smooth, shiny, glowing and beautiful at the award function. Then move to the hair spa and wash them, cut them and also color it with many varieties of hair colors. And at the end take part in the fashion show and get as many marks as you can.

These are various Puppy games collection from GameIva for kids. Have a great learning experience with these lovely and funny games. Play these amazing games, have fun and do share these games with your friends and family.

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