Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Get to Experience the High School Affair with These Top 3 Romantic Games

 Top school love affair games from gameiva

Who in this world does not love to relive the high school days? Probably no one. And that is why GameIva bring this exclusive collection of top three high school love affair games for you all. These games will take you back to your high school days and you will get to experience what's cooking between a girl and boy in the most pleasant way possible. The brief explanation about these three games are given below.

1)  High School Secret Love Affair: 

High school secrete love affair
Our first high school love affair is always special, and this phase of life is really interesting. With a view to take you back in that phase, we bring this exciting game. Like every love story, first the numbers will be shared between girl and boy and a romantic date will be fixed. For the date, you need to help the girl to get ready by applying makeup, dress up, spa and many more things. First of all, apply spa on her face by washing the face, applying the face mask, remove all the pimples, shape the eyebrows and much more. And then comes the makeup view where you need to select eye lens, eyelashes, eyeliner, lipstick, necklace and make her face even more attractive.

2) High School Love Affair Crush:

High school love affair crushOh!! There is something happening between them in the high school. To find out what's happening, play this interesting kids game High school love affair story. Start this game by applying face spa and help her to look like a princess then glow her face by performing some makeover activities. Without a perfect dress, no one can look beautiful, so select a comfortable dress and accessories in the dress up view. Then comes the letter writing view where you need to help her to write a letter and decorating it with stickers, ribbon and much more. And then you need to help the guy to get the perfect hairstyle, apply the deodorant, select clothes and a perfect pair of shoes. 

3) High School Prom Party Affair:

High school prom party affair
And, the most special day of the high school has arrived and has got some amazing & exciting stuff. Play this exciting high school love game where you need to perform various activities in the most pleasant way. Start this interesting game by performing various early morning activities like brushing teeth, straightening hair and much more. Then perform the back spa & don't forget to do manicure and pedicure. She needs to look beautiful and for that select a perfect dress up for the prom night party which occurring tonight where you will get to select a purse, dress, earrings, bracelet, purse, footwear and much more. 

Still, you are having any doubts or queries regarding this topic, then do not hesitate to ask us by dropping a comment or sending us a mail. We will be glad to solve your problems. And do not forget to share this game with your friends and family members.

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