Monday, 17 April 2017

Give Your Kids the Knowledge About Safety Touch in the Way They can Understand

Help kids learn about various good touches and bad touches

In today's time, it is our responsibility to help the kids understand about various good touches and bad touches. In the era we are living in, anything can happen at any moment of life. So, this is the responsibility of the parents that to give knowledge about good things and bad things to their children. What steps should be taken if the bad touch occurs, whom to go to and whom to tell. Parents need to tell their children the meaning of the safe circle and which people we can consider as the safe people.

In the era of technology and smart phones, there are many ways to help kids understand about all these issues going around the world. For that reason, we bring this child educational game. After playing this game, kids will have the brief knowledge about their safety and the things which cannot easily be explained by the parents. We try to develop the games which are not only uniquely designed but the games also have a decent message for the kids. The brief explanation for the game child safety is given below.

In today's time, it is very important for the parents to educate their children about good touches and bad touches, but sometimes they are not able to explain about safety touches. For that reason, we bring this educational game to help kids learn about this sensitive topic. In the first view, kids will have the knowledge about various human body parts, in the second view they will learn, which parts of body are private and we should never touch anyone's private parts. Then kids will get the knowledge about the difference between safe touches and unsafe touches. And then, kids will get to know about the safety circle and which people are included in this circle by playing an interesting game. And at the end kids will learn about what steps should be taken if the unsafe touch occurs.

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